10 Things That Require Zero Talent!

3 January 2018

Far too often we focus on those things we aren’t able to do – you know like singing, not everyone can sing.  However I don’t believe that means that you shouldn’t sing!  Just well, maybe not professionally!  Maybe save singing professionally for those who have talent.


So, instead I want you to focus on those things that don’t require a lot of talent.  I’m going to share with you 10 things that require ZERO talent, and when you do them, they’re going to make you a much better person.


1. Being on Time

It’s not hard to be on time!  Always allow yourself extra time to get somewhere.  It’s always better to be early than late to a meeting / function.  When you’re getting ready, make sure you turn off your phone so you don’t get distracted.  

Personally, I think it’s incredibly rude to be late.  It sends a message that the person you’re turning up for isn’t that important to you.


2. Work Ethic

Think what it would be like to be the boss, to be the employer.  Would you be happy to be paying people to stand around and do nothing?  Think like a boss and work like one.  It will make you stand out from the rest.


3. Effort

You only get out of something the amount of effort that you put in.  If you’re going to do something half-arsed then don’t expect a good result.  And don’t complain about the result either.


4. Body Language

If you’re sitting in an interview with your arms folded your sending a signal that you’re not available.  Read up on body language and be mindful of how you are presenting yourself.  You don’t have to be an expert but it’s those little things that people actually do notice, even if subconsciously.


5. Energy 

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.  To have more energy, you have to use up energy: you have to get up off your butt and actually DO something. Want to start exercising? Don’t lie in bed, get up and make the move.  The more you do it the more your body will want to do it and the more energy that you’ll have.  Oh and go to bed early as well!


6. Attitude 

This is important, if you’re going to go to work with a shitty attitude, it’s going to show and you’re more than likely going to have a shitty day.  Focus on the good things in your life, wake up each morning with gratitude and you’ll see the shift in how things go.


7. Passion 

Do what you love.  Whether that’s as a hobby or your work, get out there and do more of it. Don’t make excuses – make the time.  Life’s too short to be forever doing the ‘practical’ things and not doing the stuff that we love.


8. Listening 

Most people listen to reply.  So, instead actually listen to what the person is saying to you, put down your phone / book whatever and look at them.  Don’t think of a reply until they have finished speaking.  It will save a lot of misunderstandings!


9. Doing Extra 

Whether that’s cooking extra to freeze to save you time through the week, or maybe instead of just doing the job – do that little bit extra. Extra customer service, going that extra mile – it’s always appreciated and noticed and it makes you feel good too!


10. Being Prepared 

Don’t overthink things but when you have to make a decision, think of the consequences or the options so that you’re prepared for what may come.  Sometimes things come out of left field, that’s unavoidable but when you know you’ve thought of all the options you can, you can rest and just wait and see what happens.  It reduces your stress levels!  

Don’t leave things to the last minute either – being prepared is make sure you will have completed your tasks for the day on time if not before time, again saving yourself a lot of stress.



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