Why You Shouldn’t Set a New Year’s Resolution?

27 December 2017

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Why set yourself up to fail by setting a New Year’s Resolution?

I know, I know but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

Set a resolution on January 1st and then forget about it by January 2nd?

I don’t like the word ‘resolution’.

Because I don’t think many of us, if ever actually stick to a New Year’s resolution.

I think we should all look at things a bit differently.

Look at it as setting a goal.

When you have a goal you’ll work out how to reach that goal with little steps.

Then put those steps into action, making things happen.

Instead of having a New Year’s resolution, instead set yourself a goal for 2018.

Then do this: My goal is to …… by September. To be able to achieve that goal I need to start by doing XYZ, break it down into months, then weeks and then days.

That way you’ll achieve your goal.

You may want to create a vision board to keep you focused because this is something that you truly want to achieve.

A goal is something to work towards. A resolution gets stated and then not much happens after that.

All you’re doing is saying this is what I’d like to do and that’s it.

Setting a goal is stating you are going to work towards the outcome.

And please, don’t set yourself unachievable goals!

Focus on the small steps, and achieve that. Acknowledge each achievement. Don’t look at how far you have to go, celebrate how far you have come.

How about we make 2017 the year where you:

Love what you see in the mirror – provide yourself with a mantra to say every day.

• Make time for creativity – go do a class in something that you’ve never done before, or maybe set aside time each day to do something.

Never say no to adventure – if it’s scares you, then you’re getting out of your comfort zone.

• Eat more green food – being healthy isn’t a bad thing! Try new green foods that you haven’t tried before.

Send snail mail – It’s a lovely thing to receive a card or letter in the mail, that someone was thoughtful enough to take the time to do this.

• Send handwritten thank you’s – again, if someone has taken the time to send you something or do something special for you, take the time to thank them rather than a quick text.

Buy less – be conscious of what you really need and what you’re just buying for the sake of buying it. The environment and your bank account will thank you!

• Choose well – not just in purchases, setting aside money to buy something of quality but also in your everyday decisions – choose well, not easy.

Give out compliments – it’s free to do and can make someone’s day.

• Travel – collect memories instead of things so you can have amazing conversations

Be kind to strangers – a stranger is just a friend that you don’t know yet. You don’t know what is going on in someone’s life, so be kind.

• Volunteer your time and skills – we all have different skills that others can learn from, don’t think that you don’t have any.

Take a cooking class – learn to cook something new from a different culture.

• Give the present of presence – visit someone and really talk and listen to them. Put your phone down and off and take the time to really be with someone.

Learn from others – never for one moment think that you know everything! Be open to others opinions.

• Embrace simplicity – By doing this it takes so much stress out of your life, you don’t need to earn as much, so you can just enjoy your life.

OR sign up to some of Katrina’s e-courses …. bwahahah just thought I’d throw that one in there!

So, there’s some ideas for you in goal setting. I’m sure that some will want to lose weight, stop smoking. All the usual things!

Again, don’t just say it, sit down and make a list of how you’re going to achieve that goal.

Stick it on your fridge and remind yourself everyday what you need to do and what you have done.

What is your goal for 2018?

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