Are you a free thinker?

3 October 2017

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How much of a free thinker are you?

When someone offers a different opinion to yours do you ask them why they feel that way or do you try and tell them that they’re wrong and that they should think the same as you?

How open are you to changing your opinion?

So, many of us form an opinion and then refuse to see things differently, refuse to think that maybe, just maybe we could be wrong in our thinking.  We aren’t open to different ideas or opinions about certain topics because we firmly believe that we are right regardless.

Over the course of my journey read about it in Christian to Clairvoyant I have done a complete change in my views on things.

It hasn’t been easy.

For 30 years I was told that clairvoyant / mediums / tarot cards were the devil’s work.

And lo and behold I am now a clairvoyant medium who also uses tarot cards! That was a real struggle for me to come to terms that what I was taught wasn’t necessarily true.

I was also taught that being gay was wrong.  (It’s not)
That when you die you’re dead (you’re not)

There’s no such things as re-incarnation (there is).

That’s just some of the things that I was taught, it was drummed into me and I firmly believed it to be true because it was in the Bible …..

However, over those 20 years I started to do my own research, to look into how the Bible was formed, to look into what it means to be gay to dabble in clairvoyant stuff.

I struggled, holy moly did I STRUGGLE!  When you’ve formed a firm opinion on something it isn’t easy to change that opinion.

Instead of just believing what I’ve been taught I read, I watched documentaries, I read some more and watched a few more documentaries ….. To form a new opinion.

And you know what?  I’ve also come to respect other people’s opinions even if they don’t match mine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, how they act on that opinion is a completely different kettle of fish, if their opinion means hurting others then that isn’t OK, if it means degrading someone else, then that isn’t OK either.

You can’t bully someone to change their minds.

Listen to their opinion, ask why they think that way, then ask them questions that makes them look deeper into why they think that way and maybe, you may put that little spark in them that makes them look beyond what they have been taught and instead start doing some research so that they can make up their own mind instead of following someone else’s path

Have you changed your opinion on a big issue like I have?  I’d love to hear from you! Click >>HERE

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