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29 August 2016

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I wonder sometimes if people are aware of how much our attitudes play such an important part of who we are and how we face our individual journey. You have to be proactive in being who you want to be and achieving what you want to achieve.
Some people realise this and those that don’t, look at them thinking that they are ‘lucky’ and they stay in their misery and wonder why “bad” things happen to them all the time.
Want to be happy and have a great life? Well, the first thing that we have to do is be proactive with how we want our lives to turn out!!
For instance, if you’re going to worry that you may have a heart attack then get out there and start exercising, start eating healthily, visit the doctor for a check-up to you know exactly where your health is at. If you wish you had more money, maybe you should see a financial planner or sit down with a friend who is really good with budgets to help you get yourself on track with what you do have.
So many people come through the door and just expect Spirit to do it all, without any input from themselves, you have to remember the saying ‘God helps those who help themselves” and it’s true.
I have a lot of people asking when they’re going to meet their life partner and some have been back to see me a number of times and then message to them is “get out of your lounge room!” The love of your life isn’t just going to materialise in front of you, you have to do your part and get out there and meet people!
Same goes for getting more money, well, maybe you just need to study to get better credentials so that you can get a higher paying job for others it may mean taking on a second job for a little while to top up the bank account and then for others it can just be learning how to budget better.
Spirit isn’t always just going to land everything in your lap because you’re a ‘good’ person or because you’re ‘spiritual’ you have to put effort in and even though you want it, the timing may not be right or there’s a lesson you need to learn about not having what you think you want.
Everyone has good moments and bad, don’t believe all that crap on social media about the perfect lives that everyone else has, they don’t.
We all go through stressful times, we all go through amazing times, but the big difference is how we view what is happening to us, it’s all about our attitude to those around us and to ourselves.
So, if you want an amazing life, it’s up to you to be proactive in making the changes, even if that is just a change of attitude, at least it’s a start, don’t wait around for others or spirit to bring it to you or you’ll be waiting for a very long time.

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