Do you want to be free?

2 July 2017

Do you struggle to let go?  Do you hold onto people, anger, anxiety or possessions.  I’m not talking about the good aspect of these things –  I’m talking about the not so good.

Do you keep phone numbers of people that have hurt you?

Do you keep messages that when you read them your heart breaks a little more?

Do you keep things that people have given you that you know had no love behind it.  In fact it reminds you that you’re worthless to them?


Letting go gives you freedom!

If you want to be happy, you need to be free!  When you hold onto anything that causes you pain, you can’t be happy because you’re not free.

I’m not saying that it’s easy to do, because it’s not, but what I want you to do is go through each message or phone number or possession that causes you pain and ask yourself …..


Why do you still have that message?

What purpose does it serve but to hurt you?

Why do you think you deserve that pain?

Do you think for one moment that the person who sent it to you has given you a second thought? Do you think they care that they hurt you?  That they lie awake at night wishing that they’d never sent it?

Yet, while you hold onto those things, you are allowing them to cause you pain.  It’s not them, it’s you that is stopping you from being free.  Sure you can blame someone for sending that message but it’s you that’s holding onto it.

Why?  What purpose is it serving you by not removing it from your life?

Do you want to be free or do you want to hold onto pain?

Most of you will say you want to be free!  You want to be happy!  Yet, you still cling to the anger towards someone.  You haven’t forgiven them, you still keep those messages or emails, you still look at the photos.



It will take time and effort, especially with our thought processes, but just start somewhere.  For example, when deleting those messages ask yourself why you keep them.  Be prepared for some confronting things to come up and if you feel you need to speak to a therapist, please do!  It’s not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength to realise what needs healing and letting go of so that you can be free.


Don’t try and do everything in a day, that won’t work because the memories will be there and those things take time to deal with.  Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to let go, it’s something that you need to do as you can do it.  Just remember that by holding onto them, you’re just hurting yourself.

As Buddha or someone said, holding onto *anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

*insert whatever you want into here, anxiety, messages, emails etc. whatever it is that you’re holding onto.


It’s worth it, to remove all those hurtful reminders from your life, because it gives you freedom.

Do you want to be free?

Remember: freedom means happiness.


One response on “Do you want to be free?

  1. Frances McPherson says:

    Oh wow! . .whoa . . So what I need to hear.
    Thank you
    Your Brilliant
    Love ya work
    Frances 🤗💚

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