Is The Mirror Dictating Your Life?

19 June 2017

I had the most amazing experience the other week when I was up in Port Macquarie visiting my mum.

It wasn’t anything spiritual and no special messages came through from my guides to help me on my way.

I was shopping.

OK, I confess that shopping was NOT the amazing experience!  I hate shopping, but mum loves it and since she has dementia and can no longer drive, whenever I visit I take her for a wander around the shops …….

But here’s the thing…. I had a list of items that I needed to buy and one of them was some pale blue jeans.   So in I went to Just Jeans to see what they had.  The lovely sales assistant asked me if I needed any help and I told her that I wanted a pair of skinny pale jeans.

She held up a pair of tiny jeans

And when she held them up she said that they didn’t have much at this time of year (going into winter) and I looked at that tiny pair of jeans and said, well, “I’m happy to try those on but I’ll need something bigger”.

Bigger?  What size are you? She asked me.

I told her that I was either an 8 or a 10 (Australian Size) and she said that the jeans she was holding were an 8.

I seriously did not believe that I would be able to get into them and must have had this look on my face that said so, as she then said to me

“You’re not very big”

I took them to try on ….

They fit!!

Seriously, they stretched and fit and sure there’s a bit of a muffin top but if they weren’t tight they’d fall off.  She then came and said that they’ll stretch, which denim does.  But they bloody well fit!!

So, here we get to the amazing experience.

Even though I’m not overweight at all, I obviously still have a warped body image!  

You know I’ve read articles that women see themselves as much bigger than they are and ‘lo and behold’ I am bloody living proof!

Which got me thinking about all of you ladies out there whether you have a weight issue or not, you need to ask yourself this very important question.

Are you really as big as you think you are?

Because I can pretty well guarantee that you’re not!  I have lots of women coming for readings wanting to know about losing weight and to me, they’re just not fat.  Sure some may be bigger but I don’t see them as grossly overweight and as I’m constantly saying, it’s not about weight but about health.

So, while I am an advocate of throwing away scales you can’t really throw away a mirror!  When your partner tells you they think your sexy and not fat, bloody well believe them!  Because the image you see in the mirror is distorted just like those funny mirrors at the carnivals.  That image isn’t real.  What’s real is what someone else that you love sees.  Sure get healthy I’m all for that, but don’t let your distorted body image be who you think you are.

Those that love you will tell you the truth.  Listen to them.  Some may say you’re too thin and need to put on weight: believe them… believe your doctor… because they want what is best for you.  They want you to be healthy.

Don’t let the image you see in the mirror be your reality, it’s not!

Have a wonderful week.

Katrina-Jane x

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