How do you Find your Purpose? It’s not as hard as you think!

15 November 2017

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How do you find your purpose?

Are you one of those people that are wondering what their purpose is?

People ask  me how do they find their purpose? What their purpose in this life should be, because they don’t have a clue.

Are you one of them?

There’s no right or wrong way for you to work out your passion is, but I will say this that one of the important steps to do is:-

Eliminate what you don’t like doing.

Some of you will be thinking but I want to find my purpose, my passion I don’t want to focus on what I don’t like doing!

What I’ve found is that most people have a better understanding of what they don’t like, than what they do.

I’ll ask them ‘what do you want to do as a fulfilling career?’ “I don’t know” is the response

So, then I’ll ask them, ‘what don’t you want to do as a fulfilling career?’ Immediately they will have some answers such as: Admin, I hate admin, or police officer, or data entry or fashion designer …..

It’s much easier to acknowledge what you don’t like doing rather than wandering aimlessly through life trying to work out what you do like doing.

So, what’s the first step in finding your purpose?

Eliminating what you don’t like to do………

I’ve had some pretty grand ideas in my time and as I’ve gotten older I’d like to think I’m a bit wiser, I realise what I hate and just don’t waste energy on it…..

So, I’m going to share some of the things that I hate doing.

Sewing my own clothes – I fucking HATE sewing, why I ever thought it was something that I would learn to love, is beyond me!  So, I put my sewing machingg machine up for sale on eBay and sold it along with the sewing box!

Gardening – I have vivid images of a beautiful English cottage garden …. now firstly, I live near the ocean and secondly I HATE gardening, in fact, I firmly believe that plants come to me for their last days on this earth …… while I can grow some easy things like basil, spring onions and parsley that’s about it when it comes to vegetables and plants?  No idea how my two rose bushes are still alive, however when we landscape our little backyard …… succulents it will be.

Housecleaning – many years ago I used to clean people’s houses and I quite enjoyed bringing order and cleanliness to their lives and I know that they enjoyed me tidying things up! …. Not so much my own home, I’m now too busy to bother with that shit ….. So, a housecleaner I have, she comes in once a week and does the basic clean and I focus on doing readings, creating e-courses etc. which is what I LOVE doing!

Instead of wasting time on shit I hate doing I would rather work harder at what I love doing to pay for the other stuff.

The second thing you need to do when you’re trying to work out what your purpose is?

TRY something different.  Far too many people write something off without having tried it.

I can’t tell you how many people say that they couldn’t study at University but have no idea what studying at University actually entails!

Don’t say you hate sewing if you’ve never learnt!

Hate cooking?  Have you tried all the different types of cooking?  Maybe you’ll find that you love creating cakes but you hate cooking a roast.

Do you love walking dogs?  Well, maybe that’s what your purpose is – to walk other people’s dogs!

I decided to give pole dancing a go, just because it’s something I’d always wanted to try and if I hated it, well at least I can say I tried.

Nearly 2 years later I’m addicted to it and seriously think I must have been a stripper in a past life!

I LOVE it – but I hate going to the gym so I’ll put my energy into exercising how I enjoy.

Oh and now I’m even thinking of entering a competition next year, just to give myself a new challenge.

I love doing readings and writing and helping people think outside the square – so I’m going to keep doing that, creating e-courses so that you can all be your best and live a life you want, and I’ll continue to do readings and public speaking because that is what I love and that’s what I’m going to focus on.

And that stuff that I can pay others to do?  I’ll keep doing that because then they’re able to do what they LOVE doing and getting paid for it!

So, what do you hate doing that you continually waste energy on?

That is stopping you from living your purpose / your passion?

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