Hurtful people

1 March 2015

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It’s all rather sad and depressing reading comments on Facebook and Twitter these days. There just seems to be so much hate towards others, almost as though people have forgotten just how to be nice and if you don’t have something nice to say, then say nothing at all. I think a lot of it is the impersonal way that we now communicate – you can’t see that you’ve hurt someone, you can’t look into their eyes and see the hurt that your words have caused, you can’t see the tears and the anguish on their faces. It’s just all so impersonal, then there is the feeling that people seem to think that they have a right to say whatever they like, whenever they like, as though the whole world has lost common courtesy, it’s lost manners, whatever happened to please and thank you? I have to be honest and say that I think women are the worst towards other women, making snide comments about the way someone does their hair, or the clothes that they are wearing, I wonder why this is? Is it because women have been made to feel inferior by society? You know, you’re not allowed to get old, heaven forbid you have a wrinkle! Or is there some primal thing deep within us that makes us be competitive? Trying to ‘catch a mate’ maybe? Maybe it’s a mix of both and whatever it is, it’s horrific, cruel and completely unnecessary. We should all be encouraging each other to be our best, lifting each other up and encouraging each other to be strong within ourselves, not to listen to hurtful comments that are nasty just for the sake of being nasty. One thing to remember is those that are making those comments obviously have a lot of deep problems of their own and it makes them feel better and superior to bring others down.
Be nice, don’t let others destroy your happiness, your integrity, your hope. Raise your children to be kind and thoughtful people, not thinking that the world revolves around them, teach them manners and how before commenting – especially on line, get them to ask themselves, if you would say it to their face or if they would like it said to them. There will always be mean and selfish people in this world, just delete and ban them if someone is attacking you on Facebook or Twitter – if it is someone in your life that is constantly dragging you down, then maybe you need to cut the ties that bind you – that kind of relationship isn’t healthy for either of you.
We need to each enjoy our lives and surround ourselves with like-minded people, people who will give us honest and helpful criticism not drag us down to their level. Walk away from those that do that. It’s your life, you have to live it the best way you can and that’s not going to make everyone happy, and really that is their problem not yours.

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