I wanted to thank you for my reading. Its very much what I was thinking and hoping for.  So over all... it was a wonderful reading and i thank you and your guides and angels... i feel soooo blessed... even yesterday when i was feeling a little indifferent.. this beautiful white feather flew right up to me in front of my face and right up into the sky.. amazing! I just have to let to let go and let God as they say.... and I am...


Thank you again Katrina-Jane.


Angelic blessing and love to you

Michael :)


Katrina I can't thank you enough!! Ripped to shreds is exactly how I feel. You were so spot on about nurturing my creative side. I instantly felt a bit better after your email, and for that I can't thank you enough!! Please keep me in your thoughts and if you get anything else for me I'd love to hear it. I'll definitely be booking a reading with you when next in Newcastle. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks so very much for your reading. I will always keep it and refer back to it.  You were so spot on with everything you wrote to me.

Thank you once again - you really were so spot on with everything you wrote to me.  You seem so genuine and compassionate.

To answer your question, yes I do have an interest in nutrition.  I have been on a path of learning about the right foods for me for the past 12 months.

Thank you so very much Katrina-Jane. I knew I noticed you and your advertisement in the Wellbeing magazine for a reason.  I am so glad that I followed through on that instinct.


Thank you so so much. Your reading has helped me greatly as I am doing some extra study to get a better job in heavy industry but I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing it for nothing. The reading was so accurate - right down to moving away for work, and deciding where I want to live - I am currently looking to buy a house in the Hunter Valley, but currently live in east Lake Macquarie so it was a fair move from my family.


Interesting about the Ireland comment. Never been, but I have always felt a spiritual need to go there but never knew why?? Now I know!


Thank you so much, this has been a tremendous help, and I am happy for Liam being my male guide to help me through this life!


Thank you so much for your reading in February Katrina. You were very professional and really helped me by providing the guidance I needed to move forward and focus on me.  I have recommended you to my friends

Thanks again.

I had a reading with Katrina-Jane in February and was astounded with what she told me, especially that my daughter who had been out of the work force for over 10 years would find work in the very near future.  Within two weeks my daughter was offered a job in retail, which she accepted and loves.

The insights and information Katrina-Jane gave me, I have found to date to be quite accurate and I would highly recommend Katrina-Jane.

"Recently I attended a "One Day Workshop" with Katrina-Jane at her office in Newcastle and I'd like to share the experience of the day.
There were 5 participants which made it a really friendly environment.  I had often wondered if I really did have any abilities or was it just in my imagination.  We soon learnt that we all have the ability, it's whether you want to explore the possibilities or not.  At no stage during the day did I feel inadequate or that I shouldn't be there.  The environment was totally relaxing with lots of laughs and shared moments along the way.  I think we all developed throughout the day and came to an understanding that different people have different abilities; it's whether you want to explore and use them; that is the ultimate decision for you.
During the day we experimented with different techniques including learning about our Chakras.  The technique that I was most attracted to was the Pendulum, which I had never heard of before.  I have had some amazing results, now it's just waiting to see if any of them come true.
Attending Katrina-Jane's Workshop was a personal growth which I find myself blessed to have experienced.
Thank you Katrina for a wonderful day, which I hope will enhance my life.

Interestingly, I think started to put in action a lot of your suggestions a few weeks ago. I'm seeing a financial planner, sold my car, cleaned out and got rid of lots of things (which I'm still doing), and am following quite a pure and clean lifestyle. My energy has increased. So it's nice to know that I'm on the right track - not that taking such positive action could be the wrong track!

 I think the female energy was possibly my aunt who passed over about 10 years ago. She was a great sewer, and taught me how to knit. She also had lots of stuff and died with some debts, so perhaps she does not want me to repeat her mistakes. I have felt her around lately, along with my great grandmother who also sewed.


It's also interesting you mentioned Wagga, where I grew up. I never thought I missed the place until very recently seeing the footage of the floods on TV and I realised I did love it.


All up, you were spot on with many things, and I appreciate the home truths.

Hi Katrina-Jane

Wow and thank you, so much was so spot on, I feel you really understand and know me, yet we have not even met :)
I was looking online a few months ago, and you stood out to me, I had an overwhelming sense that I needed to contact you
time went by, and then the feeling came back to me so I did :) and so glad I did..   
Thankyou xo

Hi Katrina-Jane

I wanted to thank you for my reading. Its very much what I was thinking and hoping for.
Over all... it was a wonderful reading and I thank you and your guides and angels... I feel soooo blessed... 

Thank you again Katrina-Jane.


Angelic blessing and love to you

Michael :)


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