Hi Katrina,
thank you for today's reading. lots of good things for me to think about, or rather, take active steps towards achieving.
thanks so much, i feel very inspired.


Thanks for inviting me to be a ‘guinea pig’ for your test run one day workshop. I really enjoyed the day and the hands on approach made the workshop interesting and fun! I felt the number of participants was just enough and I think that everyone felt comfortable with the activities given.

 For anybody who is thinking of doing the workshop I would highly recommend it.  At the end of the day one may come away from the experience somewhat surprised at the abilities that lie within us!

I am so grateful for your reading for me.  You have made me see things much clearer.  So much of what you have said makes sense to me.   It was so kind of you to send me this reading.  It is as though I really can feel the love  and the light. My daughter and I hope we can catch up again some time with you.  Take care and thanks so much again Katrina – you have helped heaps

Thank you so much Katrina. That was all pretty spot on.   You have an amazing gift!


My goodness so much of what you have written is so very true, first of all I have to tell you the lady with a name beginning with D is my beautiful gorgeous Mum. You mentioned about a detox, I have only just recently done that. You picking up on short courses was amazing as I have just enrolled. 

A huge thank you again you are one very gifted lady any other assistance after you have read all of the above would surely help. Thank you for tuning into my Mum.

Thankyou Katrina.

You have been so accurate with my reading.

 Once again, thankyou so much for the reading.  It was great to read that I've chosen the right field of study.


I had a reading with you on the rainy Saturday of the June long weekend.
You gave me some suggestions for changes in my life, and must admit haven't quite got to some of them. But have been reading books that are leading me along the right path which have led me to go and see a therapist today about why I haven't been able to move forward in my life. So I actually have hope for a happy future.
You also helped me make a decision about an unhealthy relationship. I am hurting right now but am thinking of exactly what I do want and deserve in a relationship, I have hope for a happy future.
I think I needed someone to reinforce to me what I do want out of life wasn't being selfish or greedy.
Thank you so much, you really helped change my way of thinking. Have a long way to go but at least I'm moving now
Thanks again 

During my reading I asked about us buying a house. You said we needed to look further afield than we had been, that the house would have 'good bones' and a large garden that is somewhat overgrown, perhaps because it was a deceased estate. You also said there was something significant about the bath tub, perhaps claw feet that we'd love to retain.
A week after my reading we went to an open house in a suburb just a little further out than we'd previously been searching in. After walking through the solid 3 bedroom home and the huge cottage garden (somewhat overgrown), we knew we'd found our home. It felt right straightaway. Yes it was a deceased estate. Yes the bath tub was memorable because it has square edges and is covered in blue tiles! Not exactly comfortable but completely functional.
Thank you for your insight which helped us find what we'd been looking for.
Angel hugs

Hi Katrina,  Just wanted to say thank you for your newsletter, I always find myself feeling very positive after reading each month. The message from Diana – Roman Moon Goddess is exactly what I need to hear, I need to remember this one!! Thank you

WOW saying thank you is never enough, so in learning my path & following my guides i will always pay homage to you for giving me the healing & shove i needed. love & light.


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