I really appreciate all the information you provided to me, and I will definitely be singing your praises and referring all friends of mine to purchase a reading from you.

If there is anything I can do for you this side of the globe Katrina- Jane please just let me know. You are truly a lovely and very special lady and I'm wishing you all success and blessings to you. I hate to be cynical but there aren't many individuals that would provide their time and expertise the way you have.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you dear Katrina-Jane.

Dora - Canada
Thankyou for your reading, which came back unexpectantly earlier than anticipated. I had intentions of sending you a recent

photo and a couple of questions, but, as you were booked out for a couple of weeks, it was one of those 'I'll get to it shortly'.

I feel that the process unfolded as it did for a reason. As for the reading, I am bewildered/annoyed. Bewildered that you were

so accurate on many aspects on my life given that you had little more than a name to go on, annoyed that you was able to touch

on a number of sensitive issues without so much as knowing who I am or what I looked like (I'm sure you understand what I am

saying to you here - I am definitely not annoyed at you). There was stuff you touched on that only I would know, and have kept

to myself.

I thank you for your advice and guidance (you sound just like my mother - god rest her soul). Your reading confirmed to me

things I need to look at, especially in the areas of work and my personal health. I intend to book a face to face reading in the

near future.

Thanks, cheers and best wishes


Hi Katrina,

I want to thank you so much for all your help. Thank you just does not seem enough for what you have done for my family. Please if there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.  Since you came to our house to clear the spirit I have to say, yes, oh my gosh what a difference. My daughter is not scared.  The girls have slept through the hole night and every night since you were there, they will play in their rooms by themselves and they are not scared. They are happier and much brighter more alert more energy with more sleep.

Hi Katrina,

Firstly, thank you for the reading. The first time I read it I was "busy" and read it really quickly thinking "yeah that sounds about right" however just now, reading it more closely, I'm actually blown away by some of the things you wrote.
Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and let you know it was pretty much on the mark. I'll have to schedule a phone interview for next time.

I'm not sure if you would remember me, which is ok I know that you see alot of people..but the reason why I am writing to you is because I want to thank you..I know I rang the other day and did the same thing but I thought 'Id do it online as well. My past is very hard for me to talk about and after talking to you I decided it was time to face it, I am now talking to someone about it and it's helping not only me but my husband as well.. the brick wall that I have around myself is coming down slowing but the good thing is its coming down and I have you to thank.

You came to my house for a reading as well, I think its great that you would travel to help people, in time I would like to come back and get another reading..        Thank you again

Hi Katrina,
Thank you so much for my reading. All the things you were saying were so spot on. Amazing!! Thank you again. I really feel like the things you’ve told me are things I needed to hear.

Hi Katrina

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Again thankyou thankyou thankyou. I enjoyed everything about my reading, it was such a spiritual experience finding out my past life and how I had carried fears from that life into this life… Plus finding out the names and descriptions of my angels and guides. Was truly fabulous, as are you…

Lisa - Newcastle
I have just attended a one day workshop with Katrina and it was amazing! I honestly didn’t think I would ‘see’ anything myself but Katrina’s friendly guidance together with a lovely group and our combined energy in the room all helped me to feel both comfortable and relaxed enough to actually meet one of my spirit guides! All I can say is, if I can do it – anybody can! We all do really have the potential to tap into greater guidance in our lives. The one day workshop “ You are Clairvoyant” was well worth the investment.

Thank you so much Katrina! 

Dear Katrina,

Thank you so much for your reading yesterday and taking the time to email me about the past lives.
I feel a lot more clarity in my life especially towards my relationship. I've let go now for the time being, started to focus on me and I know in time we will connect again.

I got my P's today too! (You said I would) And I was a bit nervous at the start and told the instructor this (which you advised me to do), I passed with flying colours! I thought you'd like to know.

I had a phone reading with Katrina on 17.12.10 and I truly recommend anyone to do so, Katrina's thoughtfulness and caring was the first thing that made me more at ease and the information and messages she gave me were so accurate that they could only come from the peoplewho have passed over in my life.  This is the only time I have ever had a reading and would do it again in a heart beat, Katrina you have given me the best giftIi could have ever asked for in my reading and I am truly thankful, I recommend anyone who is thinking about this to go ahead and do it you wont regret it.
Thanks again Katrina with all my heart


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