Dear Katrina,


I felt immediately at ease and comfortable with your energy as soon as I met you.  Your space is also lovely and you have created a nurturing and safe environment for your readings.  What you told me during the reading resonated deep within me and I knew it to be truth.  I felt comforted and very very happy when certain issues that had been bothering me were immediately "answered" intuitively by you.  Oh, and I also love your incredible joyful laugh.  My reading was such a pleasure as well as accurate, and I walked out of your room with a spring in my step.  Thank you so much Katrina.



Thank you - after attending your one day workshop I have found my "third-eye" through your guidance.  I also met and am now "seeing" my spirit guide Seth.  I will be eternally grateful.  Love in Light

I met with you at Cessnock Dolphin Centre a few weeks ago for a 20min reading. You told me you could see a few moves, that the first move would be a forced move and we'd have to find something quickly. Just thought you'd be interested to know we have had a termination notice from our landlord but due to an error in post only had 2 days notice! Your prediction came true!!

Hi Katrina

I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you so much for the insights and guidance from your reading. My life has taken on a whole new direction which has opened up fresh opportunities, a sense of wholeness, peace and happiness. My sincere gratitude and appreciation for your guidance.

I had a phone reading with Katrina and found it extremly comforting and helpful in where Im going in my life.Katrina picked up on my wanting a tree change and it blew me away when she described where I wanted to live and the type of house I was looking for.She nailed it right on the head.She also picked up that my youngest has no fear at all and is into everything.It was very comforting to know that what I always feared was just that a fear and Katrina has helped me see that and also that my health issues will go away.It was a wonderful reading and I would highly reccomend her to all my freinds.

Michelle, Caves Beach
Hi Katrina,
Thanks so much for my reading. I really understand and agree with a lot that you wrote.
I want to go to Victoria for a trip and the 12 Apostles (that you mentioned) are actually one of my favourite places.
And I love looking at the stars, every night I do it.
You mentioned me being connected to Aboriginals, I am actually Aboriginal and I'm strongly connected to my art and culture!
Thanks again, I actually got a bit emotional reading it.

Thank you so much:) just hearing that news from my gran gives me so much comfort as she means so much to me! and yes, she has given me a sign!!

Sarah - Newcastle
My experience with Katrina was really enjoyable and enlightening. I was given information that was really clarifying for me and even though it was a profound experience it was delivered with humour but also integrity from Katrina with the help of her guides and mine that were present. I have already recommended Katrina to several of my close friends. Thank you Katrina and those beings that work with you.

Jane - Coffs Harbour
Hi Katrina,

Thank you so much I found the reading most interesting, and I feel amazing and light.
The lady that came through was my mothers mother.
When you mentioned fairies I was quite shocked. I have not heard of many people talk about fairies mostly angels, it's so funny that you see one with me!!!!
Yes we want to move to the country and I want to have hens and a big veggie garden!! I laughed when I read that you had mentioned this. We want to set up a quite meditation glade with trees and grass.
Yes I have been thinking about purchasing a pack of Tarot cards for a little while now and yes the ones that take me the most are those with beautiful colours, as mentioned!
The cards that you drew make sense to me also.
Much love

Ros - Tasmania
I recently won a free reading with Katrina-Jane. After my reading with her I would highly recommend her to anyone! She is an extremely lovely woman who really goes out of her way to help you in any path you wish to inquire about. I partook in a phone reading with Katrina and it was like a good sit down with a friend. A lot of what she passed on to me through my guardian angels is so spot on, I just really need to acknowledge it myself and Katrina gave me the tools to do this! Thanks so much for a fantastic reading I gained truly a lot from it


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