Oh Katrina,

Thank you so much you are so very quick! This reading sounds so much like my husband in so many ways. So many of the details about those passed over make lots of sense, my husband knows who the grandfather figure is. His Papa on his mothers side. He lived on a farm and had a simple life growing pineapples and having a cow. They had a dog and a cat like you explained. And the big one.... Lewis has his watch, just as you said he would!

I think that he was very touched with the contact from his Guide and Angel.

Thank you again for your gentle heart.

Hi Katrina,
Thanks again for your support, you have changed my outlook on life and myself and I will always be grateful.

Philip - Newcastle
Katrina did a long-distance reading for me, which I received via email.
The reading was full of encouragement for the path I have just recently started on, she also gave some suggestions on where to look and how to go about this path. What I really loved was she put into words what I have been thinking about in regards to certain situations in my life, and to have someone put in words what is going on in your head, is amazing! It’s a healing tool of it’s own!
She was able to describe some family situations, which then gave me the opportunity to step back and look at them from a new view.
The cards that she drew were very apt to where I am at the moment and this is also very confirming.
Thank you Katrina, I really appreciated the reading and received so much from it.

Euphemia - Western Australia
Katrina you are Amazing! Yourself and your guides were spot on with so much, that it brought tears and joy to my heart. During your reading a number of my spirit guides/passed over family members came through with messages,- your descriptions of how they presented meant that I knew instantly who they were - this totally blew me away and at the same time gave me great reassurance. The guidance and focus you have provided to me in recent times has given me much needed strength and clarity whilst re-affirming my purpose, for this I am eternally grateful! I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is seeking truly gifted and integrity driven clairvoyant healing that comes from the heart

Michelle - Western Australia
Wow, this was extremely accurate!
I loved the way you expressed the messages in point form, it made it easy to read without the waffle. I was impressed with the volume of information for a half hour session. Truly amazing!
The messages that blew me away here were those about family, it was so accurate. It was almost a blow for blow account of my life.
The cards also held significance for me as well.
I am truly grateful for the insights your angels and guides have delivered through you Katrina. Your reading has answered a few queries but mostly it has allowed me clarity and reassurance of what it is I need to do or not do in order to find the peace I so strongly desire.
Thank you so much!

Beth - Dubbo
Hey Katrina,

Just wanted to send you a short note to thank you so much for your guidance these last few months.  I have made some major decisions in my life and at times things have felt all too consuming.  When I asked for your assistance with regards to direction your readings were if anything confirmation of what my soul knew was where I needed to focus my energies.  In turn this has helped me get in touch with my inner guidance and trust myself.  You continue to guide me with your insight and help me focus on what is important, it's like you help me stay on my path.  Again, thank you for easing my mind in those tough times.    Much love!

Justine - Byron Bay
I have had psychic readings before, and my experience has been that there is such an overload of talk that firstly I can’t remember much of what was said, and secondly that so much of it seemed speculative and in some instances factually wrong. My appointment with Katrina-Jane however was the opposite of this, being calming, relaxing, little talk for its own sake, and little or no speculation towards the future.

What Katrina identified was what I knew for the most part, in my own self. But those things that she spoke of relating to past life, whether you are a skeptic or not, were undeniably formative in what I know of me and my way of looking at things and for the most part, acting. Katrina finished by recapping on what she had identified in me and gave a few helpful suggestions as to what way I might consider moving forward or dealing with what had been identified.

I found the whole hour session valuable, quieting, sensitive and sensible, and would unreservedly recommend anyone to have a reading and balance carried out by Katrina. I must say that I felt energised a little time after leaving the rooms

Stephen - Wallsend

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