Know Your Worth!

29 September 2017

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So, I didn’t catch a plane, didn’t go to the USA, did not pass go nor did I collect $200……

I’m not upset, in fact I’m relieved.

You see, about a month ago I started to have doubts about the whole book signing tour, not in my ability to do talks and workshops, hell no!  I’m fine with that, but the amount of money this trip was going to cost me and what I was actually going to get out of it in return…..

All up it was going to cost me about $20k – that’s more than our entire life savings, that’s a HUGE investment and so I really wanted the trip to be worth it.

When it was originally suggested by my publisher, she said that she would have no problems booking me, so I was flat out the entire time I was over ………

This was not the case.

In fact it was far from it, I was going to Denver as well to catch up with a girlfriend but wanting to do some book signings there as well and nothing eventuated, I didn’t find this out until the Monday morning … as in the day before I was to depart and all up I only had about 7 things to do in a one month period.

This wasn’t looking good.

Previously, I wrestled with the decision for about a month, hoping that more bookings would be made, hoping and hoping ……. And then to get that nothing was happening in Denver, I really knew deep down that I should cancel, but I don’t like letting people down.

Time to listen to my intuition and stop living for others.

I mean, don’t I tell you guys and gals that ALL the time?  And I’m also about to launch a new e-course to help you all understand your intuitive types, how to listen to your guidance, and bloody stop doubting yourselves and here I am ignoring all the signs myself!

Time to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

4.30pm Monday afternoon at the Rydges hotel, at the International Airport in Sydney, I rang my travel agent and said, how much is it going to cost me to cancel the airfare?  She got back to me and I said, yep, do it.

GG (Gorgeous Guy) said to me, you’re not letting anyone down, they have let you down and you know what?  He was right, I did everything that was asked of me and it just wasn’t meant to be.

That’s OK.  I’m not at all upset.  My PR person thinks it’s great because it gives her more lead time to get interviews happening – so the trip isn’t cancelled just postponed until around March/ April next year.

And I won’t be going over until a big interview is booked.

Then we can book other things around it.

This was another great reminder to me, or a lesson if you want to call it that.  Don’t doubt intuition because it was screaming at me.  And that sometimes in life you need to make the best decision for you and not make a decision based on how it will affect others.

I did this in my first marriage.  I just knew that I shouldn’t be marrying him, I knew it but I didn’t want to pull out of the wedding because so much had been planned, I didn’t want to hurt him or anyone else …. Which I ended up doing because I divorced him eight years later.

So, my message to you lovelies is if you are in a bad relationship and you know it, leave.  Don’t worry about the kids or your partner or what the family will say – you need to do the right thing by YOU.

The rest will fall into place.  

If you’re in a job you hate, go look for another one, if you’re not well, then get a second opinion.

Life is too short to make sacrifices that are going to be detrimental to you, whether spiritually, physically, emotionally or financially.

Face the facts as they present themselves, then pull up your big girl panties, make the necessary decision and stick with it.

Believe in yourself.

And in so doing, know that you made the best decision at that point in time.

I will have lost about $2k – however in my mind that’s better than wasting $20k!

I kept getting that quote going around and around in my head, sometimes when a door doesn’t open, it’s because it’s just not your door.

The timing wasn’t right or it would have all fallen into place, so I’m taking a step back, reassessing and allowing the universe to make it the right time for me by allowing things to happen, if they are meant to.

In the meantime, I’m going to be helping you believe in your intuition so that you can have the inner strength to make the decisions that you need to make.

What is your worth?

I’m not talking bank balances and your net value or gross value.

But you.  What do you think you’re worth?

If you feel that you’re worthless then you won’t try and achieve, you won’t try and grow, as what’s the point?  Your worthless right?


We are all worth something and I read this great meme the other day that I wanted to share with you…..

A bar of iron costs $5, but if you make it into horseshoes it’s worth is $12, and if you made it into needles it’s worth $3,500, but if you made that bar of iron into balance springs for watches, then it’s worth is $300,000.

Don’t you love that?


That your value isn’t just who you are, it’s what you can do with yourself, it’s what you can bring to the world.


Have a think about what you can bring to the world, again it doesn’t have to be a money value.


You may bring your kindness to the world

You may bring your beautiful smile

Your time in helping others

Your patience with children


And if you saved an animal, what do you think your value is to them?  


Your value is not what you think of yourself, but what you are able to make of yourself.

And that doesn’t mean that you have to be rich and famous, it’s about what you can do that will help not just yourself but others as well.

So, what is your value?


2 responses on “Know Your Worth!

  1. Dee (Donna) Thornton says:

    I love this!! Good on you for listening to your intuition and no going ahead, for seeing the positive side of it.
    I recently made a decision against my intuition – I mean my belly was heavy and felt sick, but I continued through as all the plans had been made only for it to turn to shit. While I was away, seemed like there was a massive block with my guides as I went against what they were telling me. I ended up back where I was in the first place (thank God) and everything started to flow freely and pan out right.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story Katrina. It really touched home to me.

  2. I was so shocked to hear that your USA trip had been postponed, I know you had been looking forward to it for months! A similar thing happened to me in September- I was meant to go chef in France, but the Visa application took too long. In the end I had to let go, call the tour organizer and it felt like I had let everyone down, but deep down I knew it wasn’t meant to be. Luckily the tour organizer is an amazing person, she said I was more than welcome to join the next tour group out- so now I will be going in May ’18. For some reason we find it difficult to listen to our guides, even though we know they are watching over us! Hope your big interview is booked soon, you deserve all the success in the world! Good luck! xo

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