Manifesting and shit.

10 August 2017

So, I’m into Week 2 of my manifesting course with Denise Duffield-Thomas and while I have all good intentions I must confess, that I don’t sit down every day and listen / do what needs to be done …..  However I do it when I can and I suppose the most important thing is about trying to change my mindset.


So, I’ve done a few more bits of decluttering and am even packing up my son’s children’s books and giving them back to him. There is a bit of sadness around this, I don’t really know why, maybe because he doesn’t want children so won’t be able to hand them down?  

If this doesn’t make any sense to you, you’re not a book lover! LOL  I LOVE books and reading and as he is my only child and doesn’t want children (he’s 26) that’s the end of the line!


But, again as mentioned last week, I do love de-cluttering, and it’s one of those things that never really stops. We just seem to accumulate shit over time, well, I know that I do!  So, when I see things building up, decluttering is going to happen.  That doesn’t mean getting rid of everything, just the things that aren’t really needed anymore.


Then week two began ….


I have someone that helps out with my social media and also with PR work, I provide all content and she posts accordingly (including things like my blogs!).  

As mentioned last week, we went on the boat and I decided to ‘turn off’ from all business social media, so didn’t look at my Facebook until we got home Saturday and that’s when I realised that my VA (that’s a virtual assistant) hadn’t posted anything, and she was supposed to.


I sent her a text.   Heard nothing.  Sent an email.  Heard nothing.


I sent a text to someone else that knows her and they’d heard nothing from her for a few days either, now at the beginning of the year my VA was very unwell and fell off the planet and I was frantic trying to find her.  I supported her in getting better etc. and here I am thinking that she may be sick again.


So, I took over everything waiting to hear from her


Then Tuesday morning came

I get a phone call from the mutual friend asking if I had seen the email, no I hadn’t so I opened up my emails and there is an email from my VA – who escaped a cult 3 years ago and her boyfriend had apparently escaped that weekend and they were now in hiding.  


Now, while I want her to be safe and well.  I have to confess here that I was bloody furious!  She had left me totally in the lurch and I had no idea what she was up to in regards to my PR work for Where Did They Go? And the media launch for my new e-course and Monster Box.


Arghghghgh.  I sat on the floor and just cried.  I just felt so overwhelmed with the momentous task of having to continue doing readings (which I LOVE doing) and then all the social media stuff and trying to work out where things were at in regards to the PR.


Fuck this manifesting shit


Seriously, all I had done was de-clutter and my business world was falling apart at a rate of knots.

I put a call for recommendations on Denise’s closed group Facebook page for a VA and then I put a call in to a friend to see if she could help if I couldn’t find anyone as that’s kind of the thing that she does.


The good news is I was recommended to VASquare and have signed up with them so shall see how they do!


So, Wednesday saw me waking up feeling better and having a Skype chat with Candance who runs VASquare and I really started to feel a good fit.


Ok, so maybe manifesting isn’t shit


Every time you declutter and start to manifest changes, changes are going to happen, changes that we may not see coming nor that we had thought would happen.  But that doesn’t mean those changes are bad.  Every ending has a new beginning, right?


I now see (since I’ve finished my anxiety attack) that maybe, just maybe I had to lose my current VA to find one that may work better for me, that may be able to tick the boxes better for me.


The changes I am sure will continue and I’m sure I’m not going to like all of them.


Stay tuned!


PS. I am an affiliate of Denise Duffield-Thomas, which means if any of you decide to purchase anything through the links I provide I get a small commission – that doesn’t affect the price that you pay.

I’m also not sharing this to try and sell it to you, but because I thought you may enjoy hearing about how I do things, how they affect me and how I handle them, because believe me, I go through just as much shit as all of you!!!!

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