Manifesting Course by Denise Duffield-Thomas

2 August 2017

Have you heard of Denise Duffield-Thomas?  She is the author of Lucky Bitch and also runs a Bootcamp to get your finances on track.

While I’ve never met her, I love the fact that she’s no bullshit and not all airy fairy hmmmm sounds a bit like someone I know …. (hint … me!).


Anyhoo, amongst the Bootcamp stuff I found a Manifesting Course.  I have decided to see how it goes and share the experience with you.  I’m not sharing to do it as some kind of test whether it works or not, but because I actually do believe in her style of manifesting.  I’m not one of those people that believes you just think ‘happy thoughts’ and sit back and expect the universe to provide.


It doesn’t work like that.


So, the weekend I decided to start, my GG (that’s my Gorgeous Guy for all the newbies) were out on our boat, I had made sure that I had printed off all the notes, because I’m not a fill in on the computer and leave there kind of person.  Does that make me old fashioned??


I’m sitting there with my laptop, and with my earphones in and listening to the first set of audio instructions and Denise says that you need to fully listen, not multi-task.




One thing I REALLY struggle with is listening to podcast types of things, you know I’d much rather read than listen, my brain just starts wandering and I get bored and then I start doing other stuff ……. Crappity crap.


But, I am also a tad (read that as a lot) fastidious about doing things the right way and if Denise says that I need to focus on the course 100% then I SHALL focus on the course 100%!!!  


Happily sitting there and to start with it’s all about doing a physical assessment so I went through all the questions and to be honest, I’m not too shabby! LOL  I actually don’t hate anything about myself, but there are some aspects that I could probably work on to make a bit better and I shall.  


What I like about this course is that the main part is all about de-cluttering!  


Yay!  I LOVE decluttering!!!


I can’t wait to get into next weeks and no I’m not doing a section a week, what I’m going to do is at least once a week maybe more, but when I know I have the time to actually immerse myself in it.  


To feel that I have completed each task at hand and take the time to assess how I’m feeling, what, if anything is changing around me ….. Till next week!


PS. I am an affiliate of Denise Duffield-Thomas, which means if any of you decide to purchase anything through the links I provide I get a small commission – that doesn’t affect the price that you pay.

I’m also not sharing this to try and sell it to you, but because I thought you may enjoy hearing about how I do things, how they affect me and how I handle them, because believe me, I go through just as much shit as all of you!!!!

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