Messages from the Spirit World

10 January 2018

How do you get messages from the spirit world?

I have a lot of people come to me asking if their loved ones are alright in the spirit world.

That they have been asking for a sign but haven’t received anything.

This can happen a lot and there are a few reasons why, so hopefully this will help you get a message but also put your mind at ease.
When we lose someone we love, it’s incredibly traumatic and quite often we are just so desperate to hear from them, that we actually block out the messages.

Or we give a confusing message to them in what we are asking for.

Perhaps, you just write things off as a co-incidence when something happens or you’re unsure of if that was a sign or not.

Can our loved ones give us messages from the spirit world?

Of course they can!

However, what they can do and what we want can sometimes be two very different things.

This is where the problem lies.

Firstly, just try and relax about getting messages, as mentioned I know how traumatic it is to lose a loved one and how just knowing that they’re OK is such a comfort.

That desperation to hear from them can actually ‘block’ the signals that they’re trying to give.

Think of a how your TV can go all fuzzy in a storm….. that’s what it’s like. Try and just be calm and know that they will give you a message, but it will be in their time not yours.

Don’t send up a confusing message to them.

Don’t ‘ask for a sign’ that’s just too vague. If you say that, then what are you looking for?

You have no idea. And they’re busy trying to give you a message from the spirit world and you’re not picking up on it!

Be specific but also within the capabilities of what they can do. So, you may ask for a particular song to come on the radio and then specify how long they have to do it.

Be prepared to interpret the sign – it’s not always exactly what you ask, but you may hear someone talking about the song, or a remix of the song or someone talking about the singer. Those are all signs.

And please, don’t write something off as a ‘co-incidence’ I don’t believe in it.  Everything happens for a reason and if it brings you comfort, then accept it as a sign.

They don’t always jump when you ask and that has nothing to do with you. You’re not bad or it’s not a sign they don’t care, it’s just sometimes the way it is.

Anyone is able to do this, you don’t need to see a medium. Though sometimes a medium can give more information.

Just one word about that, a medium can’t force a loved one to come through, no different to when you ring someone, you can’t force them to pick-up the phone. Again, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to talk to you, it can just be that the connection isn’t there on that day.

So, yes you are able to get messages from the spirit world and that’s a wonderful, comforting thought and thing to be able to do.

One response on “Messages from the Spirit World

  1. Frances Miunt says:

    Every now and then I will be sitting in the quiet thinking of Mum and Dad and I will get a whiff of either vanilla or musk. And I know it is them as Mum loved to put vanilla essence in everything to make the house smell fresh.. Crazy right but it is comforting to know they are still with me watching over my family.

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