My Day as a Clairvoyant!

17 March 2017

Have you ever wondered what I do when I’m not doing Live Facebook giveaways or chats?  I am sure many of you think that I’m quite possibly doing readings all day and making squillions of dollars.  I hate to disappoint you but I don’t!

As I type this, today is a Monday – and for me Monday’s are big admin days.  So here’s a typical kind of day for me:

4:00am – wake up to big slobber kisses from Master Monty – tell him to go away

Can’t get back to sleep

5.00am – still can’t sleep, look at clock thinking ‘Oh fuck I can’t get back to sleep’

5.30am – get up, get dressed in my walking gear and have ¼ lemon squeezed in warm water and drink it,  start walking Master Monty we usually walk to Bar Beach, through Empire Park and back home taking about 45 minutes.

6:15am – get home. Try to decide whether to go to the gym or not – more often not.

So, I start preparing my lunch for the week, cook up some Quinoa and roast some vegatables and then boil the kettle for GG’s tea pot.  I then get my breakfast ready (I always have a couple of sliced peaches, 1 small banana, handful of mixed nuts, 2 dollops of Greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of chia, sunflower and pepitas and feed Master Monty.  Then I get GG his cup of tea and I eat my breakfast while checking Facebook / TV.

7:30am – get GG another cup of tea and his breakfast if he wants it (as in cooked breakfast)

Go upstairs and get dressed

8:00am – I’m in my home office and checking emails and Facebook messages, sorting through what needs to be done this day, like accounts (boo).  I have a scheduled business call at 11.30am.

Get stuck into accounts (boo) this also includes looking after all our personal stuff as well.  There always seems to be personal stuff to do as well!

9.15am – talk myself into going to the gym ….. boo.…

10.00am – Have my morning coffee

Start working on content for Facebook.

10.30am – duck into office to do some business stuff for GG.

12.30 – 1:45pm – have lunch.  Get back into creating content, whilst simultanously thinking of new ideas …..

I start doing some study to help with making sure I’m reaching those that need me; that I’m doing the things I’m supposed to be doing.  Got to keep on top of these things!

3.00pm – walk Master Monty.

GG went to Sydney today so he rings me intermittently throughout the day.

I won’t be doing any readings today as I try and get all the other stuff done.

However, on the days I do readings the early mornings are pretty much the same. I just get to the office at 8.30 if I have a 9.00am reading, then when I’ve done the readings, sometimes there’s one sometimes there’s four – I head home and email off the readings I’ve just done.  Then I knuckle down and do all emailed readings and then any Facebook messages that need to be dealt with.

Somewhere in there I am working on a new book, content for e-Courses, and every day stuff like doing the washing and ironing etc.

I try and stop at 4:30pm – 5:00pm

That folks is my day!

One thing I have learnt is when I’m doing a task to turn off everything else, when doing emailed readings I won’t check Facebook, or my phone.  I just do the readings that need to be done and don’t do anything else until they are.

The best method for me is to have a very strict routine and make a list of what I need to get done today.  I can’t schedule exact times because it depends on how many readings I have to do etc. So, I just make a list in order of priority for the day what I need to accomplish and then proceed to try and get as much done as humanly possible.  What I don’t manage (and it’s not often that happens) I put towards the next day and I mean I even put ironing on the list!

It works for me.  If you’re feeling like you’re not accomplishing as much as you would like – then have a think about making a list.  Make it detailed as to what you need to get done.  Some of you may like to schedule actual times to do those things, and when times up, you move onto the next thing.

Let me know what works for you and if it helps! And the main thing is …… don’t beat yourself up if something unexpected crops up and you don’t get done as much as you would have liked.


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