Reinventing Meditation
24 April 2017

Meditation Reinvented!

I read a really interesting article in a Wellbeing magazine.  It was about pole dancing.  And if you are a regular on my Facebook page, you would know that a year ago, I decided to step right out of my comfort zone and take up pole dancing at the grand old age of 48. I […]

I dont have time
17 April 2017

I Don’t Have The Time! Really??

How many times have you said to yourself that you ‘don’t have time’?  You know, when you’re trying to fit one thousand things into a day and you stress yourself out to the max.  Or when you’re chatting to a friend or a mum at school and they ask how your day has been and […]

Not Everyones Cup of Tea
9 April 2017

You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea….And That’s OK!

I want you to remember this – yes you, remember this!  That no matter what you do, no matter what you try, there will always be people that simply will not like you.  The world is filled with these people. They just aren’t going to like you! Even so, it’s important not to concentrate on […]

How to Flourish
3 April 2017

It’s Your Time to Flourish!

Did you know that a lot of the toxic people in your life love you? In fact, they may love you dearly.  Don’t think for one moment that those people that are toxic are always cruel and uncaring towards you. They’re not. Then why are they toxic?  Because their needs and the way that they […]

What is a perfect life
27 March 2017

What if your life wasn’t meant to be perfect?

Have you ever wondered if your life was just the way that it’s supposed to be, instead of thinking that it should be something else?

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