24 August 2017

Manifesting: Finding Forgiveness

  So, going into week three or is it week four now of the Bootcamp Manifesting Course?  I seem to lose track of time so quickly these days!  I have to admit I haven’t been doing this course as regularly as I probably should, but there is so much going on at the moment. Isn’t […]

17 August 2017

Manifesting Ellen?!

We get to Friday of the week, I’ve signed up for a month with VASquare my new VA team and while I haven’t done much at all when it comes to Manifesting with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ course, I am in a much better mind set and most importantly feeling a hell of a lot more positive. […]

10 August 2017

Manifesting and shit.

So, I’m into Week 2 of my manifesting course with Denise Duffield-Thomas and while I have all good intentions I must confess, that I don’t sit down every day and listen / do what needs to be done …..  However I do it when I can and I suppose the most important thing is about […]

2 August 2017

Manifesting Course by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Have you heard of Denise Duffield-Thomas?  She is the author of Lucky Bitch and also runs a Bootcamp to get your finances on track. While I’ve never met her, I love the fact that she’s no bullshit and not all airy fairy hmmmm sounds a bit like someone I know …. (hint … me!).   […]

27 July 2017

The tough times are the winter of our lives.

I was waiting for GG to drive the car out of the garage so I could hop in the other day, and I noticed the vine on our neighbours wall. I’d taken a photo of this vine and shared it previously on Facebook when the leaves were a mix of beautiful autumn colours.   Now, […]

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