Stop comparing yourself to others
5 December 2017

You are beautiful

You are beautiful. Yes, you are, don’t argue with me, you ARE beautiful. I know that you’ll look in the mirror and start picking apart your body. Arms to flabby. Stretch marks. Maybe a wobbly belly. Legs aren’t long enough. Bum too big. Bum too small. Boobs to saggy. Boobs not big enough. Enough! Already. […]

Guilt is no way to make decisions
29 November 2017

Guilt stop it and change your priorities

Stop the guilt when making decisions! Do you know just how much of a powerful motivator guilt is? Guilt traps people in places and relationships that they don’t really want to be in. It also makes people behave in ways that isn’t true to them. And it will eventually be turned into resentment. Resentment for […]

Are you settling in life?
20 November 2017

What are you settling for in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself what your settling for in your life? I want you to just take a moment, it doesn’t have to be a big deep and meaningful moment in your life, but just look around you. Look at the people around you and have a think about how many of them are […]

Finding your purpose doesn't have to be hard
15 November 2017

How do you Find your Purpose? It’s not as hard as you think!

How do you find your purpose? Are you one of those people that are wondering what their purpose is? People ask  me how do they find their purpose? What their purpose in this life should be, because they don’t have a clue. Are you one of them? There’s no right or wrong way for you […]

Time to stop being so hard on yourself
6 November 2017

Time to stop being so hard on yourself!

How do you stop being so hard on yourself? What do you think I mean when I ask you to stop being so hard on yourself? I don’t mean you shouldn’t try and be healthy and be the best version of yourself that you can be, because that’s important, but you need to stop being […]

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