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22 May 2017

What’s Your Excuse?

I read a really interesting fact the other day, it went like this …. A Chinese farmer quit school in 3rd grade. However as an adult he spent 16 years teaching himself law to sue a chemical company for polluting his village. Wang Enlin couldn’t afford to buy all the law books he studied at […]

15 May 2017

Are You Happy? Be Honest!

Have you ever really sat down and had a good long chat with yourself to see if you’re happy? Are you happy with the life that you have led? With the decisions that you have made? Over the past couple of months my GG (Gorgeous Guy) and I have had a number of brutal reminders […]

6 May 2017

Ride the Wave of Your Life!

I love running my workshop Find Your Purpose and helping others see outside the square that they appear to live in.  I love making people question what they think is important, to counteract their excuses, to make them see how amazing they really are.  I love to make them see and believe that they are […]

1 May 2017

Is Regret Eating You Alive?

We all have regrets in life and if there is one thing that I would like you all to understand is that you can’t dwell on things you feel a twinge of regret over. Why? Because when you regret something and dwell on it, that then will turn to guilt. This guilt is then going […]

24 April 2017

Meditation Reinvented!

I read a really interesting article in a Wellbeing magazine.  It was about pole dancing.  And if you are a regular on my Facebook page, you would know that a year ago, I decided to step right out of my comfort zone and take up pole dancing at the grand old age of 48. I […]

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