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14 September 2017

Spring is Here.

Walking Master Monty in the freezing cold mornings with that howling wind, I have noticed that the bare trees are starting to bud.   Spring is here.     And while in the city we don’t get to see the lambs frolicking in the pastures or the cute fluffy calves and foals, you do see […]

6 September 2017

What will be said about you at your funeral?

I am sitting here writing this blog with sadness, not my sadness but that for close friends.  We farewelled their son, who at 41 took his life and has left everyone wondering what happened.     But sitting there listening to the eulogies and the words of the priest (and don’t get me started about […]

31 August 2017

Manifesting: Letting Go

So, I’m at the end of the course and looking back some obviously major changes have happened as I’ve shared with you, lost my VA and then found a new one that I’m hoping is going to help change the course of things for me.     Asking a Business Group I’m a part of […]

24 August 2017

Manifesting: Finding Forgiveness

  So, going into week three or is it week four now of the Bootcamp Manifesting Course?  I seem to lose track of time so quickly these days!  I have to admit I haven’t been doing this course as regularly as I probably should, but there is so much going on at the moment. Isn’t […]

17 August 2017

Manifesting Ellen?!

We get to Friday of the week, I’ve signed up for a month with VASquare my new VA team and while I haven’t done much at all when it comes to Manifesting with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ course, I am in a much better mind set and most importantly feeling a hell of a lot more positive. […]

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