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Online Workshop
13 February 2017

Am I Psychic or Clairvoyant?

Have you ever wondered if you’re psychic? Or if you have any clairvoyant abilities? Well, I’m here to tell you that you do!  I believe that everyone in some way has some kind of sixth sense or intuition and how I explain it when I’m doing a workshop is this….. Let’s think of the piano […]

power of seeing things differently
6 February 2017

The Power of Perception

I did an interview with a lovely gentleman named Engel and how could you not love a deep smooth Caribbean voice! LOL He asked me some questions about being a clairvoyant and one of the things was my earliest memory. I was about 3 or 4 and I was in the backyard and far too […]

It's OK for people to disagree with you
23 January 2017

It’s OK for people to disagree with you

Did you know that it’s OK for people to disagree with you? And hey, believe me this is coming from someone who does like to be right! However, I have learnt with my grand old age that people have every right to disagree with you. In fact, if you always think that you’re right and […]

how to be happy
16 January 2017

How to be happy

How to be happy – I know you’re hoping I’m going to be able to wave some magic wand with that statement, but I’m not. Because only you know how to be happy – you see because we are all different, what makes one happy doesn’t make you happy. So the first thing you have […]

Old Parliament House Canberra.  Great energy!
9 January 2017

What is the energy you feel?

Have you ever walked into a room or a house and the energy gave you goosebumps? Or maybe you’ve walked into a house and the energy completely creeped you out? It happens to me all the time, this week my GG (Gorgeous Guy) and I went to Canberra for a couple of days R&R and […]

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