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Time to stop being so hard on yourself
6 November 2017

Time to stop being so hard on yourself!

How do you stop being so hard on yourself? What do you think I mean when I ask you to stop being so hard on yourself? I don’t mean you shouldn’t try and be healthy and be the best version of yourself that you can be, because that’s important, but you need to stop being […]

Are you making excuses for love?
30 October 2017

What does love mean?

Have you ever asked yourself what love means? Far too many people put up with shit in a relationship because they think that’s what love means. Let’s play a little scenario ….. Do you have a friend who will continually vent to your about her partner, going through all the crappy things he has said […]

25 October 2017

Explaining death to a child

Explaining death to a child – it’s a subject that we, naturally as humans tend to avoid. But did you know how important it actually is for you to do this? In Australia 1 in 20 children by the age of 18 will have experienced the loss of a parent. That statistic doesn’t include losing […]

17 October 2017

What’s your dream?

What’s your dream? We all have different dreams, what’s your dream?  Is it to have your own business, where you can do what you love every single day?  Where you set your hours, where you have freedoms to do other things as well? Is your dream to own your home or maybe travel the world? […]

10 October 2017

How often do you complain?

By changing the way you talk about your life, you change your life for the positive.

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