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24 October 2010

November Newsletter

Hello Everyone, Wow, I can’t believe that I’m onto my second newsletter!!!  Time is flying by! As mentioned in October’s newsletter I’m up in Old Bar the week starting Sunday 24th and then I’ll be busy organising workshops!  I’m so excited about doing this!  If anyone is in Old Bar Taree or Port Macquarie and […]

11 October 2010

October Newsletter 2010

Hello Everyone,  And welcome to my first newsletter!!!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep on top of them and produce one every month, which reminds me to put a reminder in my phone!!!  The month of October is a pretty busy one!  I had a marquee at the Mattara Festival here in Newcastle – it’s […]

16 September 2010

What is Faith?

I was walking along to my rooms the other day, when I got a phone call from someone who I have done a reading for a little while ago. He asked me “What is Faith?”  Good question!  How do you answer that?  According to my trusty little Australian Oxford Dictionary (which I hate to admit […]

26 August 2010


Sometimes it is so hard to not let our ego’s take over, I find when people make comments to me such as “you’re so accurate” etc that I have to remember to make sure that they know that everything I get comes from Spirit and I’m only as accurate as the information that Spirit gives […]

28 July 2010

Soul Purpose – Final

In this final part of Soul Purpose, I want you to sit down and write down your vision for your future – and yours only. Don’t concentrate on the material things in life, instead focus on the things that really matter to you, such as a deep and meaningful relationship, a job that gives you […]

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