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15 May 2011


The sceptics are out!  The article that the Newcastle Herald ran about me has brought them out of hiding .. well, maybe not sceptics but people that don’t truly understand what a clairvoyant / medium is. It’s funny, they sit opposite me and I might say something to them and then say “so what do […]

8 May 2011

A beautiful experience

I had the most amazing experience happen to me.  Well, there were two actually.  I’ll go back a couple of weeks and some of you know that I have had to have a hysterectomy, not planned, but there you go.  After visiting the specialist he told me that I would have to have the operation […]

1 May 2011

Organic lifestyle

Do you have a local farmers markets where you live? Here in Newcastle at the Showground each Sunday we have the Farmers Market on. Now, I do admit that they’ve been running for a few years now and I have been, well, there’s no other way to say it, but too lazy to go! But […]

24 April 2011

My first ANZAC dawn service

I hate to confess this, but my first attendance at an ANZAC dawn ceremony was last year at the age of 42. I’m actually ashamed of this, that it took me so long to get my act together. There was always a good excuse, I was sick, the ceremony was too far away because we […]

17 April 2011


A funny thing happened this week.  There were three of us in the lift at work on Friday going to our various floors.  One person got out, which left me going to the fifth floor and another lady going to the seventh.  As soon as the doors closed I said “another day another dollar”, now […]

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