Being positive! Why is it so hard?

31 January 2018

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Positive. Just saying that word is almost enough to frustrate the hell out of me! Thus creating negative feelings ….

There’s a lot that has been said and shared about being positive.

How it’s good for our wellbeing to stay positive.

However, I give you permission, right now, to get angry, pissed off, frustrated or sad.

Go on! Forget about being positive and just let those negative emotions flood through you …….. however, don’t hold onto them, just let them flow through.

Don’t:-   hold onto your anger; Get pissed off at everything; Unpack your bag and stay sad.

It’s OK NOT to be positive 24/7.

That’s the first thing that I want you to know. All those other emotions are what makes us human and it’s OK to have them, but don’t allow them to take over your life.

I’m definitely one of those ‘go fuck yourself, namaste’ kind of spiritual people.

But how do you stay positive? Especially when you’re around negative people?

It’s a question I often get asked.

And you know what? This ties in with my blog the other week about boundaries. If you can’t remove yourself from the negative people, then it’s up to you in how you respond to their negativity.

How do you do that? How the hell do you stay positive around negative people?

Firstly, remember that it’s their drama. They need to stay negative to feel important or more likely to make excuses for not having a better life.

So, when they’re being all negative you can do a few things to help you.

1. Don’t let them go on and on and on about the same things. Quite firmly say to them that you’ve heard it before, if nothing has changed then please don’t go on about it. If you hurt their feelings, that’s their problem.

They’ll either shut up or move on to someone else that will feed their negativity.

2. Don’t try and fix them. By all means offer a solution once to help them, but if they don’t do anything to change the situation, refer to point 1.

3. When you’re heading home after being stuck with someone who’s negative think about all the positive things in your life, even if the first one is that you’re glad you’re not them!

There’s something I call being a positive negative. When something shitty in your life happens, accept it, don’t go on about how it’s not fair or whatever, just go yep, well, that’s pretty crap isn’t it, that it happened? Then you turn to the positive and say, ‘so how are we going to tackle this?’

You have permission to be a normal human being with all those emotions.

But being positive means you focus on how to get out of the negative, you focus on the good things in your life, but accept that negative still happens.
Yes, negative things happen to people that are positive.

It’s called life.

And having the ‘well, shit happens’ philosophy allows you to turn the negatives around much quicker so you’re life isn’t overwhelmed with focusing on the negative.

Believe me, we all have so much that we can be positive about!

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