Online Workshop - Develop your clairvoyant abilities!

Develop your intuition and clairvoyant ability – Introductory offer (normally AU$79)

The one day workshop is also available online for those people who live too far away or life is just too busy and can’t take a whole day? This workshop can be started at any time throughout the year and it covers the same topics as the ‘in person’ workshop.

You will learn the most important basic skills so that you can get started in your development and you will have a greater understanding of your own abilities and be amazed by your expanded awareness. It also sets you up with some simple techniques and practices that you can use to improve your skills whenever you wish.

This course is excellent for complete beginners and anyone who wishes to learn some different techniques, allowing you to sample a range of approaches to developing your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities.


The following subjects will be covered:

  1. Basics of your Chakras
  2. Psychometry (the art of reading the energy off a personal item)
  3. Using Zenner cards (let’s see if you can tune in and guess what card you have!
  4. Learn how to do Automatic Writing.
  5. Seeing / feeling Aura’s
  6. Communicating with your Angels and/or Spirit Guides.
  7. Using a Pendulum
  8. Are you a Medical Intuitive
  9. Doing a Clairvoyant Reading


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