Spring is Here.

14 September 2017

Walking Master Monty in the freezing cold mornings with that howling wind, I have noticed that the bare trees are starting to bud.


Spring is here.  


And while in the city we don’t get to see the lambs frolicking in the pastures or the cute fluffy calves and foals, you do see the slow changing of the seasons.


Those buds will start to get bigger and the trees will be covered in bright green leaves.  The flowers will start to bloom.


The plants that were hibernating through the winter start to stretch out to the warmth of the sun.


I think Spring is a lovely reminder of how to cope with life.  


We can go through tough times, sadness, stress or just feeling overwhelmed.


Sometimes it’s good to take a step away from the world as much as we can,. That doesn’t mean becoming a hermit, because we all need to earn money and survive, but don’t get caught up in other people’s drama, especially at work or with friends.


Maybe you need to turn off your Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter / Instagram accounts to chill from all the drama that go on their.


Or maybe you need to turn them off because of the unreal expectations that are on there.


You need to give yourself time to heal, time to recharge, and even though it may not feel like it, it’s also a time of growth.


This time is just as important as standing in the sun, allowing yourself to fully heal so that you can start to come back into the world with the strength to face whatever may come.


That healing can sometimes be a mourning for what has gone and won’t come back, but it will then give you new strength.


To stand there and embrace the new path that you’ll be on, for it will be a new path as nothing stays the same.  


Nothing is meant to be the same, just look at Mother Nature – no sunrise is the same, no flower is exactly the same, plants die and grow and the cycle continues.


By trying to hold onto the old you just make the pain greater. Let go, heal, grieve and look forward to whatever the new phase is and embrace it with open arms.


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