10 July 2017

Are you living a meaningful life?

Are you living a meaningful life? What is a meaningful life to you? What it means to me is being a real person, showing my flaws and holy cow I have plenty! Being honest. Being kind. To me a meaningful life is standing up for those that don’t have a voice, sharing myself with others […]

being spiritual
1 August 2016

Being a Spiritual Person what does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it meant to be spiritual? Does it mean that you’re perfect? That you can’t get angry or upset?

1 March 2015

Hurtful people

It’s all rather sad and depressing reading comments on Facebook and Twitter these days. There just seems to be so much hate towards others, almost as though people have forgotten just how to be nice and if you don’t have something nice to say, then say nothing at all. I think a lot of it […]

6 October 2013

What is spirtualism?

I’m not quite sure what people expect me to be or expect of me, the instance that I am thinking of is when I corrected a person in their assumption of me because I hadn’t responded to them as quickly as they wanted – this person referred to me as ‘not being spiritual’ – which […]

12 August 2012


I know that this is going to disappoint a lot of you greatly to hear this, but I am human.  I know, I know, it’s a bit of a shock but after the comments that were made on my blog yesterday, I just felt that I should clear a few things up. Firstly, I would […]

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