Stop comparing yourself to others
5 December 2017

You are beautiful

You are beautiful. Yes, you are, don’t argue with me, you ARE beautiful. I know that you’ll look in the mirror and start picking apart your body. Arms to flabby. Stretch marks. Maybe a wobbly belly. Legs aren’t long enough. Bum too big. Bum too small. Boobs to saggy. Boobs not big enough. Enough! Already. […]

20 July 2017

Are you waiting for the perfect life?

Do you dream of the perfect life?  Are you waiting for that perfect person to come into your life?  Maybe you feel that when everything is perfect then you’ll be able to be happy? I hate to break it to you …… but ……. Did you know that for most of your life, nothing really […]

5 July 2015

Appreciation of yourself and others

What has happened to women in our society? When did we start believing the marketing that the only thing to worry about is looks and then compete with every other woman and the best way to do this is to be derogative of others, as we know women are women’s harshest critics. I read a […]

8 March 2015

Love Life

You are an individual – on this journey called life you will fall and you will rise up again and again, you’ll make mistakes, so apologise for those and learn from them, by making mistakes you live, and hopefully, you learn. You’re human with all the great things and frailties that encompasses. You’re not perfect […]

3 November 2014

How you see yourself

Stop it, stop it right now, all those thoughts in your head that run yourself down, needing to lose weight, not pretty enough, not tall enough, not short enough, boobs not big enough, muscles not big enough, going bald, curly hair, straight hair – all of it never good enough in your eyes. It just […]

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