10 October 2017

How often do you complain?

By changing the way you talk about your life, you change your life for the positive.

23 October 2015

November 2015 Newsletter

Well, we are all heading towards countdown mode towards the end of the year and it seems to be rushing towards us much faster than I would like! Quite a few things have been happening in the month of October:- It saw my son turn 25 – seriously, that makes me feel so OLD saying […]

6 October 2015

Negativity and Bad Luck

I had an interesting question for a one question reading this week, this particular lady asked me why there was so much negativity and bad luck around her. My reply to her was that firstly, she needs to change the way that she thinks and views things. She replied back that I was very wrong […]

25 November 2012

What you believe

I know I have said this before, but I just feel the need to say it all again! I personally don’t care what religion you belong to or what your personal beliefs are, whether you are Catholic, Presbyterian, Buddhist, Morman, Muslin, Celtic, Pagan or Callithumpian ….. If you feel the need to belong to an […]

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