26 April 2016

Don’t be a dick to a Medium

Don’t be a dick to a Medium. I was sent the link to this article, I’ve made a few changes but essentially I felt it summed it all up really well, I hope you enjoy. A Medium is someone who talks to dead people. Not only is it challenging it’s controversial for a lot of […]

23 November 2015

How do I find my passion / purpose?

How does one go about finding my Passion / purpose? I think most of us get to a stage in life when we wonder why we are here. We ask ourselves what is my passion / purpose ? What am I really supposed to be doing? Most people usually want to be giving back in […]

12 October 2015

Being kind to each other

I really get disheartened when I read the comments by women about other women. So this one is for you ladies:- Congratulations, if you have decided to be a stay at home mum. That’s hard work! You obviously have to balance the budget carefully to be able to do that but you’re more than willing […]

take a chance
14 September 2015

Take a Chance

Following your dream is important (and yes, I know some of you are still trying to work out what that is!) and I also believe in balance, that doesn’t mean deserting your small children to follow some quest, you choose to be a parent, you need to be one until your little people are old […]

21 June 2015

Looking forward

There will come a time in your life, not too far from now, when you will be able to look back on what you are going through, the hurt, frustration and pain that you are feeling and instead of being angry and bitter about it all, instead of condemning it and hating it, and blaming […]

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