don't let people cross your personal boundaries
17 January 2018

Personal boundaries: why are they important?

Do you struggle setting personal boundaries? I’ve noticed on my Facebook page that a lot of people struggle to set personal boundaries. Maybe because you don’t want to be seen as a ‘bad’ person or perhaps you may think that by setting boundaries you may be viewed as a bit of a control freak, or […]

29 May 2017

Do You Set Healthy Boundaries?

Do you constantly feel like you’re the one doing all the giving? Or maybe you feel like everyone dumps stuff on you at work? Have you set boundaries for yourself and others?  If you’re starting to feel rather pissed off that you seem to be doing all the ‘work’ in any relationship maybe it’s time […]

being spiritual
1 August 2016

Being a Spiritual Person what does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it meant to be spiritual? Does it mean that you’re perfect? That you can’t get angry or upset?

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