don't let people cross your personal boundaries
17 January 2018

Personal boundaries: why are they important?

Do you struggle setting personal boundaries? I’ve noticed on my Facebook page that a lot of people struggle to set personal boundaries. Maybe because you don’t want to be seen as a ‘bad’ person or perhaps you may think that by setting boundaries you may be viewed as a bit of a control freak, or […]

25 October 2017

Explaining death to a child

Explaining death to a child – it’s a subject that we, naturally as humans tend to avoid. But did you know how important it actually is for you to do this? In Australia 1 in 20 children by the age of 18 will have experienced the loss of a parent. That statistic doesn’t include losing […]

19 September 2016

Why do we change for others?

Why do we change for others? Why do we feel that who we are isn’t enough for someone? We’ve all got that friend who is a chameleon, when they start going out with someone new then all of a sudden they are a completely different person, and it frustrates the hell out of everyone around […]

2 May 2016

Mothers Day

Here in Australia this coming Sunday it’s Mother’s Day. I always have mixed thoughts about Mother’s Day, I’ve just never gotten into the hype that surrounds it, you know, if you love your mum buy her an iron….??? While, I know it’s nice to be appreciated by your children, I really do hate the commercialism […]

24 January 2016

Should my kids come first?

Should my kids come first? This is something that I pondered this week when I read a meme post on a friends Facebook page which implied that a woman should always put her children first. In a relationship should my kids come first? Should their needs and wants constantly come before the relationship I have […]

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