don't let people cross your personal boundaries
17 January 2018

Personal boundaries: why are they important?

Do you struggle setting personal boundaries? I’ve noticed on my Facebook page that a lot of people struggle to set personal boundaries. Maybe because you don’t want to be seen as a ‘bad’ person or perhaps you may think that by setting boundaries you may be viewed as a bit of a control freak, or […]

Set a goal not a resolution
27 December 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Set a New Year’s Resolution?

Why set yourself up to fail by setting a New Year’s Resolution? I know, I know but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Set a resolution on January 1st and then forget about it by January 2nd? I don’t like the word ‘resolution’. Because I don’t think many of us, if ever actually stick […]

Some tips to help you with Anxiety
13 December 2017

I haven’t always suffered from anxiety

I haven’t always suffered from anxiety. In fact, I was just a very normal, albeit clairvoyant, woowoo kind of person, not a hint of anxiety. And then my world fell apart. I went through a really dark time about four years ago.  While I came through the other side, the fallout of it was anxiety. […]

Are you settling in life?
20 November 2017

What are you settling for in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself what your settling for in your life? I want you to just take a moment, it doesn’t have to be a big deep and meaningful moment in your life, but just look around you. Look at the people around you and have a think about how many of them are […]

Finding your purpose doesn't have to be hard
15 November 2017

How do you Find your Purpose? It’s not as hard as you think!

How do you find your purpose? Are you one of those people that are wondering what their purpose is? People ask  me how do they find their purpose? What their purpose in this life should be, because they don’t have a clue. Are you one of them? There’s no right or wrong way for you […]

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