3 October 2017

Are you a free thinker?

How much of a free thinker are you? When someone offers a different opinion to yours do you ask them why they feel that way or do you try and tell them that they’re wrong and that they should think the same as you? How open are you to changing your opinion? So, many of […]

12 January 2015

What is love?

What is love? So many people are looking for love, looking for that partner that they can spend the rest of their lives with. One thing that I do tell people is that they need to understand themselves first, I believe that this is very important, you need to know YOU. What you like, what […]

13 May 2014


A common question people ask when having a reading is about their relationship, I personally feel that we seem to have lost the way when it comes to relationships.  I find it amazing that so many women seem to put more effort into organising their wedding than they do in learning about their partner or […]

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