10 August 2015

Your life starts right now

Don’t live thinking that the future is where it’s at. Because your life starts right now. Now, not in an hour, not tomorrow, not next week or even next year. Your life doesn’t start when you reach retirement, or when that person of your dreams arrives into your life, it doesn’t start when you move […]

15 December 2013

Your journey

A lot of people want to know what their purpose is in life, you know, ‘what should I do when I grow up?’ kind of question.  Maybe we need to look at our lives and our journey in a different context.  Instead of thinking that we need to achieve something or that the path that […]

3 June 2012

Enjoying your life

What a week of contemplating it has been for me.  A wonderful lady, whom I use to work with passed away at the age of 55.  She was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer on 7th May and passed away on the 27th May.  A beautiful life cut tragically short.  Today, I am taking another friend to […]

4 March 2012

Cherish what makes you unique

Why do most of us try so hard to fit in with whatever it is we think is “normal?” I love it when I see people dressed creatively, which is the best way I can put it, because they have the confidence to go out there and be happy with what they are. It’s incredibly […]

2 October 2011

Live your life

Wisdom is within you, it’s the fear of making a decision that is crippling you.  Everyone seeks answers from outside of themselves when they should be looking within.  There is nothing wrong with asking for advice or getting people’s opinions but in the long run, the decision is yours to make and yours alone.  Why?  […]

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