29 September 2017

Know Your Worth!

So, I didn’t catch a plane, didn’t go to the USA, did not pass go nor did I collect $200…… I’m not upset, in fact I’m relieved. You see, about a month ago I started to have doubts about the whole book signing tour, not in my ability to do talks and workshops, hell no! […]

11 April 2016

Mothers judging Mothers

I am so sick of women dragging down other women! Why do they do it? Is it to make themselves feel superior? Is it a competitive thing? This is exceptionally apparent towards mothers, especially when a mother has done something that is perceived as ‘wrong’ it’s mothers judging mothers. The case in point that made […]

25 August 2015

September 2015 Newsletter

The days are slowly getting warmer, though I’m sure that we will have another cold spell before Spring arrives! I can see Mother Nature slowly turning to spring with my rose bushes starting to grow leaves and buds, my little viola under the front trees has produced its first two flowers! I’m rather excited about […]

27 May 2014

June Newsletter 2014

May has been a very busy month for me.  Firstly, there was the Westpac Rescue helicopter service fundraiser was on again on Sunday, 4th May this one was held at the base in Broadmeadow (Newcastle).  It was a full house and the area was done up lovely and  believe that everyone had a wonderful time, […]

18 November 2012

December 2012 newsletter

Wow, I seem to say this every year, but I’m finding it difficult to get my head around the fact that another year is ending!  As this year draws to a close I wish to thank you for coming and having a reading with me, I sincerely hope that the messages that you received helped […]

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