Guilt is no way to make decisions
29 November 2017

Guilt stop it and change your priorities

Stop the guilt when making decisions! Do you know just how much of a powerful motivator guilt is? Guilt traps people in places and relationships that they don’t really want to be in. It also makes people behave in ways that isn’t true to them. And it will eventually be turned into resentment. Resentment for […]

24 January 2016

Should my kids come first?

Should my kids come first? This is something that I pondered this week when I read a meme post on a friends Facebook page which implied that a woman should always put her children first. In a relationship should my kids come first? Should their needs and wants constantly come before the relationship I have […]

7 September 2015


In this world we have people who do the right thing and people who don’t. And the frustrating thing for those that do the right thing is that it seems that those that don’t, hardly have anything go ‘wrong’. Firstly, I want to say that ‘bad’ things happen to good people. That is life, remember […]

9 November 2014

Adoption week 2014

It is National Adoption week here in Australia. How do you explain to someone who isn’t adopted, what it’s like to be adopted? I’m not sure you can. You have family, but you don’t have family. You fit in but you don’t. There is always the feeling that you’re different. There is no family resemblance, […]

23 June 2014

Keeping your relationship alive

I just want to talk about relationships today, as most of you know, my Gorgeous Guy and I took a mid-week break last week and I would recommend it for any couple, if you can’t afford a mid-week break take a weekend one – no children, leave them with friends or family.  I personally believe […]

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