Christmas can be a difficult time of year
20 December 2017

And so this is Christmas

And so, this is Christmas. The silly season is upon us.  Christmas carols are playing constantly in the shops. We’re being bombarded by advertising to buy things for our loved ones. People rushing around to buy everything that they think is needed to have a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family. For so many […]

21 March 2016

What is bullying?

What is bullying? I read an interesting article the other day and it confirmed everything that I have been saying for years about the term ‘bully’ or someone being ‘bullied’ because too many people think that they are being bullied when in fact they are not. Don’t get me wrong, bullying is very real, and […]

3 February 2016

A Flying Fuck

I held them in my pocket, I clung onto them for years I knew that I needed to release them So that I could let go of all my fears It wasn’t an easy task to do, I did it slowly one by one Not all at once but through the weeks You know it […]

28 September 2015

Why some people leave our lives

Not everyone that comes along in our lives is meant to be forever, they’re not meant to be something that is beautiful and long-lasting. When you realise that people will come into your life and people will leave your life and not all of them will stay forever, and let’s be honest you won’t want […]

7 September 2015


In this world we have people who do the right thing and people who don’t. And the frustrating thing for those that do the right thing is that it seems that those that don’t, hardly have anything go ‘wrong’. Firstly, I want to say that ‘bad’ things happen to good people. That is life, remember […]

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