17 August 2017

Manifesting Ellen?!

We get to Friday of the week, I’ve signed up for a month with VASquare my new VA team and while I haven’t done much at all when it comes to Manifesting with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ course, I am in a much better mind set and most importantly feeling a hell of a lot more positive. […]

27 July 2017

The tough times are the winter of our lives.

I was waiting for GG to drive the car out of the garage so I could hop in the other day, and I noticed the vine on our neighbours wall. I’d taken a photo of this vine and shared it previously on Facebook when the leaves were a mix of beautiful autumn colours.   Now, […]

20 July 2017

Are you waiting for the perfect life?

Do you dream of the perfect life?  Are you waiting for that perfect person to come into your life?  Maybe you feel that when everything is perfect then you’ll be able to be happy? I hate to break it to you …… but ……. Did you know that for most of your life, nothing really […]

6 May 2017

Ride the Wave of Your Life!

I love running my workshop Find Your Purpose and helping others see outside the square that they appear to live in.  I love making people question what they think is important, to counteract their excuses, to make them see how amazing they really are.  I love to make them see and believe that they are […]

10 July 2016

What is Success and failure?

What is success? I mean what is success to YOU? The meaning of success varies with anyone you talk to the same applies to failure – what does failure mean to you? If you believe that success is having a lot of money, then you’re more than likely setting yourself up for failure. So many […]

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