Staying positive can be difficult
31 January 2018

Being positive! Why is it so hard?

Positive. Just saying that word is almost enough to frustrate the hell out of me! Thus creating negative feelings …. There’s a lot that has been said and shared about being positive. How it’s good for our wellbeing to stay positive. However, I give you permission, right now, to get angry, pissed off, frustrated or […]

16 January 2017

How to be happy

How to be happy – I know you’re hoping I’m going to be able to wave some magic wand with that statement, but I’m not. Because only you know how to be happy – you see because we are all different, what makes one happy doesn’t make you happy. So the first thing you have […]

23 May 2016

You are the Change

Not happy with your life? Change it, because you are the change. One thing that really gets up my nose is people who constantly blame their childhood / past on what is going on in their life now. You know why? Because pretty well everyone I have ever spoken to has had unpleasant things in […]

6 March 2016

Why don’t Vegans eat eggs? I just don’t understand the logic

Why don’t Vegans eat eggs? I’ve always wondered this so I am putting it out there to the Vegans of the world and asking you, why don’t Vegans eat eggs? I completely understand the whole not wanting to eat beef, pork, chicken or fish. But eggs? I don’t understand that. I also understand the whole […]

1 February 2016

How much should I weigh and does it really matter?

How much should I weigh is a question that I asked myself this week. As I was filling out the admission forms for hospital last week, I came to the following questions: What is my height? What is my weight? Now, height I can easily tell you, I’m 5ft 8in (173cm). My weight however, I […]

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