Stop comparing yourself to others
5 December 2017

You are beautiful

You are beautiful. Yes, you are, don’t argue with me, you ARE beautiful. I know that you’ll look in the mirror and start picking apart your body. Arms to flabby. Stretch marks. Maybe a wobbly belly. Legs aren’t long enough. Bum too big. Bum too small. Boobs to saggy. Boobs not big enough. Enough! Already. […]

1 February 2016

How much should I weigh and does it really matter?

How much should I weigh is a question that I asked myself this week. As I was filling out the admission forms for hospital last week, I came to the following questions: What is my height? What is my weight? Now, height I can easily tell you, I’m 5ft 8in (173cm). My weight however, I […]

20 July 2015


Money isn’t the root of all evil, it’s also not the root of happiness either. I do find it interesting doing what I do when people say that I shouldn’t charge for readings because it is a gift, my reply to that is ‘do you buy books, art, music?’ The ability to write a good […]

3 September 2014

Ways to be happy

People are constantly looking for ways to be happy, they buy a stack of stuff but the ‘happiness’ that they feel when buying it soon disappears and then they are left with stuff that they will never use – so here’s some ideas. Do something for someone else – go and do some volunteer work, […]

30 March 2014

Grieving the loss of a loved one

I deal with people’s grief pretty well every day, whether that is the death of a loved one, a relationship ending or perhaps losing a job – they are all different forms of grief and everyone handles things differently.  There is no right way to deal with grief, the main thing is that you do […]

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