The Spirit world and what it is
7 February 2018

What’s the spirit world like?

Ever wondered what the spirit world is like? Have you ever wondered what it’s like when we die and go to the spirit world? Do we see a light? Are our loved ones there to greet us? Or is there just some big void? Maybe there is nothing, when we’re well, dead. I have had […]

25 October 2017

Explaining death to a child

Explaining death to a child – it’s a subject that we, naturally as humans tend to avoid. But did you know how important it actually is for you to do this? In Australia 1 in 20 children by the age of 18 will have experienced the loss of a parent. That statistic doesn’t include losing […]

5 September 2016

What is heaven?

Often I get asked what my opinion of heaven is. I mean what is heaven? While I don’t pertain to the theory in the Bible that I was brought up on, for those of you that aren’t aware, I was brought up a strict Seventh-Day Adventist, some of that upbringing still does kind of linger […]

18 April 2016

The Afterlife

I had someone ask about the afterlife and if the people there care about us here. In short the answer is yes! To start with, what I believe happens is that when we die our spirit goes to a special place, I’m not a stickler for ‘the rules’ so if you want to refer to […]

27 June 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

Well, after the mild Autumn that we have had here in Newcastle, Winter has finally hit with blustering cold winds but unfortunately, no rain.  My Gorgeous Guy and I managed to take a few days off and head to Boomerang Beach, which is near Forster, NSW and had a blissful time, I did some watercolours, […]

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