Reincarnation means no ending
24 January 2018

What is reincarnation?

What is reincarnation? In a nutshell, and to keep things simple because that’s just the type of person I am – reincarnation is: when we die our soul goes to the spirit world and then we come back to this earth as a baby. Our bodies are just a shell but our soul stays essentially […]

6 October 2015

Negativity and Bad Luck

I had an interesting question for a one question reading this week, this particular lady asked me why there was so much negativity and bad luck around her. My reply to her was that firstly, she needs to change the way that she thinks and views things. She replied back that I was very wrong […]

14 June 2015

Moving on

We will all come across people in this world who will hurt you and when they do, they feel nothing, they actually don’t care that they have hurt you, they just continue on with their lives as though nothing has happened and you’re left absolutely shattered or heartbroken. These people will never change, that’s something […]

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