27 March 2017

What if your life wasn’t meant to be perfect?

Have you ever wondered if your life was just the way that it’s supposed to be, instead of thinking that it should be something else?

2 January 2017

Do you know what your journey is?

Have you ever wondered what life is about? I’m talking about your journey. Yours, not anyone else’s. We all seem to wonder what it is in life that we are supposed to learn, when things happen to us we ask what was the lesson in this for us? I don’t believe it’s wrong to do […]

12 September 2016

Why isn’t life easy?

Why isn’t life easy? So many of us think this when we’re going through a rough time but I want you to know that if you think others have it better than you, think again. Don’t for one moment believe the tripe that you see on social media. I have spoken to thousands of people […]

22 August 2016

What’s your excuse?

So, what’s your excuse? What’s your excuse for not doing those things that you want to do? That you keep putting off? On Friday I went to a women’s business networking event in Sydney and there were lots of inspirational women and lots of free goodies for me as I was a ‘VIP’  One […]

26 June 2016

When you’re ready

You know what I think is sad? When people think that they have to be ready before they embark on a new adventure, on following a dream. You know, when there is something that they really want to do, but they put it off because they don’t think that they’re ready. What does ‘when you’re […]

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