Are you making excuses for love?
30 October 2017

What does love mean?

Have you ever asked yourself what love means? Far too many people put up with shit in a relationship because they think that’s what love means. Let’s play a little scenario ….. Do you have a friend who will continually vent to your about her partner, going through all the crappy things he has said […]

29 September 2017

Know Your Worth!

So, I didn’t catch a plane, didn’t go to the USA, did not pass go nor did I collect $200…… I’m not upset, in fact I’m relieved. You see, about a month ago I started to have doubts about the whole book signing tour, not in my ability to do talks and workshops, hell no! […]

19 October 2015

Taking time to find yourself

This weekend my Gorgeous Guy and I took a ‘long weekend’ not just because it was his birthday but also just to try and unwind from our busy schedules. We are both self-employed and while people who have never been self-employed seem to think that you can take all the time off that you want […]

12 October 2015

Being kind to each other

I really get disheartened when I read the comments by women about other women. So this one is for you ladies:- Congratulations, if you have decided to be a stay at home mum. That’s hard work! You obviously have to balance the budget carefully to be able to do that but you’re more than willing […]

7 September 2015


In this world we have people who do the right thing and people who don’t. And the frustrating thing for those that do the right thing is that it seems that those that don’t, hardly have anything go ‘wrong’. Firstly, I want to say that ‘bad’ things happen to good people. That is life, remember […]

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