Finding your purpose doesn't have to be hard
15 November 2017

How do you Find your Purpose? It’s not as hard as you think!

How do you find your purpose? Are you one of those people that are wondering what their purpose is? People ask  me how do they find their purpose? What their purpose in this life should be, because they don’t have a clue. Are you one of them? There’s no right or wrong way for you […]

23 November 2015

How do I find my passion / purpose?

How does one go about finding my Passion / purpose? I think most of us get to a stage in life when we wonder why we are here. We ask ourselves what is my passion / purpose ? What am I really supposed to be doing? Most people usually want to be giving back in […]

27 June 2014

July 2014 Newsletter

Well, after the mild Autumn that we have had here in Newcastle, Winter has finally hit with blustering cold winds but unfortunately, no rain.  My Gorgeous Guy and I managed to take a few days off and head to Boomerang Beach, which is near Forster, NSW and had a blissful time, I did some watercolours, […]

15 December 2013

Your journey

A lot of people want to know what their purpose is in life, you know, ‘what should I do when I grow up?’ kind of question.  Maybe we need to look at our lives and our journey in a different context.  Instead of thinking that we need to achieve something or that the path that […]

8 January 2012

An inspirational friend

I went to the Newcastle Spiritualist church yesterday, I haven’t been for a while and just felt drawn to go, and I am happy to say that I’m glad that I did!  I caught up with a friend who now works in Sydney, and I just had to mention him because what he did was […]

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