14 December 2015

How do I find my path?

Last week I volunteered to do some ‘food serving’ for the launch of Facon Magazine, the reason behind that was Lara the stylist behind the magazine is the person who hired me to do runway modelling, so a bit of a thank you from me for that opportunity. Anyway, while I was walking around with […]

18 January 2015

A spiritual life

When people start on a spiritual path they think that everything will be ‘love and light’ and you know what? It’s not. I personally believe that being on a spiritual path is all about learning about ourselves, this doesn’t just involve ‘connecting to the source’ but going into the depths of our psyche understanding our […]

31 December 2014

Life is short

Life is short. Yes some live till they are 100 but in the general scheme of things there is so much that so many of us want to do that we put off ‘till later’ whether later is retirement, when you have more money or maybe just more time. Old age is a privilege that […]

15 December 2013

Your journey

A lot of people want to know what their purpose is in life, you know, ‘what should I do when I grow up?’ kind of question.  Maybe we need to look at our lives and our journey in a different context.  Instead of thinking that we need to achieve something or that the path that […]

6 August 2012

Listening to guidance

Last week I was talking about signs and this week is on a similar theme.  It’s about being aware of what is going on around you and not getting stuck to one particular thought for yourself. Let me try and explain – there was a call for flooding in the town and people were asked […]

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