The Spirit world and what it is
7 February 2018

What’s the spirit world like?

Ever wondered what the spirit world is like? Have you ever wondered what it’s like when we die and go to the spirit world? Do we see a light? Are our loved ones there to greet us? Or is there just some big void? Maybe there is nothing, when we’re well, dead. I have had […]

Reincarnation means no ending
24 January 2018

What is reincarnation?

What is reincarnation? In a nutshell, and to keep things simple because that’s just the type of person I am – reincarnation is: when we die our soul goes to the spirit world and then we come back to this earth as a baby. Our bodies are just a shell but our soul stays essentially […]

29 February 2016

What is Reincarnation?

What is re-incarnation? Is there even such a thing as re-incarnation? Some people believe in it and others don’t. Growing up as a Seventh-Day Adventist I was taught not to believe in it. I’ve since changed my mind. Being a clairvoyant I have constantly deal with death but also grieving parents and it’s not always […]

2 March 2014

Babies in the spirit world

Let’s talk about babies that pass over, and I do want to say that this is my opinion from what I have experienced so, if you don’t agree with it, that’s OK. As I have mentioned previously, before we come to this earth we set out the things that we need to experience in this […]

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