Staying positive can be difficult
31 January 2018

Being positive! Why is it so hard?

Positive. Just saying that word is almost enough to frustrate the hell out of me! Thus creating negative feelings …. There’s a lot that has been said and shared about being positive. How it’s good for our wellbeing to stay positive. However, I give you permission, right now, to get angry, pissed off, frustrated or […]

14 June 2015

Moving on

We will all come across people in this world who will hurt you and when they do, they feel nothing, they actually don’t care that they have hurt you, they just continue on with their lives as though nothing has happened and you’re left absolutely shattered or heartbroken. These people will never change, that’s something […]

10 May 2015

mothers day

Today is Mother’s Day and this day is to recognize …. The mothers who never got to hold their child The mothers that wake up to burnt toast and warm tea The mothers who have had to bury a child The mothers who have been there for their child’s wedding The mothers who may not […]

12 August 2012


I know that this is going to disappoint a lot of you greatly to hear this, but I am human.  I know, I know, it’s a bit of a shock but after the comments that were made on my blog yesterday, I just felt that I should clear a few things up. Firstly, I would […]

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