Christmas can be a difficult time of year
20 December 2017

And so this is Christmas

And so, this is Christmas. The silly season is upon us.  Christmas carols are playing constantly in the shops. We’re being bombarded by advertising to buy things for our loved ones. People rushing around to buy everything that they think is needed to have a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family. For so many […]

17 May 2015


Our lives are made up of moments each and every one of us. And I hope and wish for you that you have hundreds and thousands of moments in your life, some will be good and some won’t and some of the moments will be very small, like seeing a butterfly flutter past and other […]

22 December 2013

Christmas love

Well, it’s that time of year again, Christmas. For so many it is a time of joy, watching children open presents and seeing their excitement getting together with friends and family and homes filled with laughter. For others it is a time of sadness, missing loved ones that have passed over or loved ones that […]

12 March 2012

It’s OK to get angry

Are you one of those spiritual people who don’t believe in getting angry?  I’m not sure why that is, yes, we should spread love and compassion to those around us, but it’s also a human trait to be hurt and angry just the same as it is human to laugh and give love.  I think […]

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