12 June 2017

You Deserve Love and Respect!

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see stretch marks? Rolls of fat? Skinny legs? Saggy boobs? Small boobs? Bat wing arms?   Do you turn sideways and grab your belly and give it a bit of a wobble?  Hating that you can grab that fat? Next time you look […]

2 November 2015

Be proud to be you

Don’t ever think that you have to adjust your boundaries, who you are, so that they fit the expectations of others. As we grow and learn we will adjust our own boundaries in the way that suits us and if others don’t like those boundaries or think that you are weird, old fashioned, whatever, that’s […]

28 June 2015

You ar worthy

What does “Worthiness” mean? Well, according to an on-line dictionary it means this:- having adequate or great merit, character, or value: a worthy successor / of commendable excellence or merit; To my way of thinking though, your own self-worth or your self-esteem, which according to the dictionary is this:- confidence in one’s own worth or […]

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